Reasons Not to Be Friends with Your Ex

There are plenty of reasons why you should never stay friends with your ex. There are some situations when it’s okay if you stay on good terms with an ex, but there are also many situations when it’s actually a bad idea. The obvious one is violence. Check out a few reasons not to be friends with your former love.

Sound Reasons Not to Be Friends with Your Ex

1. Hoping you’ll get back together

That’s one of the worst reasons to stay friends with your ex! By hoping that you’ll get back together, you are just kidding yourself. Or if you know that your ex-boyfriend hopes for reconciliation, you should completely cut off contact with him. Staying friends with your ex out of pity can only encourage him to hope.

2. Addiction

If you’ve broken up with your ex and got back countless times, it’s high time to put an end to this! Really, girls, being addicted to your ex is very unhealthy. Although it hurts, cut off all contact with him. It’s not a friendship, and it won’t do you any good.

3. Too clingy

If you stay friends with your ex, he may become too clingy, even if he doesn’t think that you may get back together. Unfortunately, I have done it. I kept turning to the man I’d have let go of. I realized this only now. Again it’s unhealthy, ladies. So if your ex-boyfriend is always in touch, you should encourage him to move on and make new friends.

4. Abuse

This is perhaps the most important reason not to be friends with your ex. If your ex-boyfriend was emotionally or physically abusive to you, end all contact with him immediately. Don’t hope that he will change; people don’t change, don’t trust him!

5. Your new boyfriend is uncomfortable

Now tell me honestly, what matters more to you – building a new relationship, or maintaining a friendship with your ex-boyfriend? How would you feel if your boyfriend was still good friends with his ex? Stop thinking about your ex, think about your new boyfriend!

6. Respect your new boyfriend’s feelings

Sure, no one can dictate who you’re friends with, but your boyfriend’s feelings should always be respected. If your new boyfriend is uncomfortable with you keeping in touch with your ex, it would be better to cut off all contact with your ex.

7. Friends with benefits

One of you may well agree to this kind of arrangement in the hope that one of you will realize you should be together. However, chances are that your partner is only looking for an easy sex. Be aware of it!

8. Moving on

If the breakup was your decision or your partner’s, then staying friends is a bad idea. It doesn’t matter who chose to end the relationship, the partner who’s dumped can cling to the other hoping that they can really win them back. But severing contact is one of the best things to do here.

It’s great if you can stay good friends with your ex, but sometimes emotions are too much of factor, so it can be very problematical. Do you know any other reasons not to stay friends with exes? By the way, have you ever managed to stay friends with your ex-boyfriend? Share your stories, girls!


Reasons Not to Be Friends with Your Ex