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Reasons Not to Get Back with Your Ex

Sometimes it’s a great challenge to realize that there’s no way back to your ex-boyfriend. But, after a few cocktails and a sad romantic movie, you may start analyzing and thinking about your ex. You may want to get back together with your ex, hoping for a better relationship. However, there are a few important reasons why you shouldn’t get […]

How to Feel Happier

If something happened in your life that really upset you, or if your weekly routine seems to be lacking in some way, you need to know some ways to feel happier during the week. Don’t stay miserable until something happens to cheer you up, try these 10 best ways to feel happier during the week.

Making Peace with Your Ex

Looking for tips on how to make peace with your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve got some hints that are tried and that really work. Often, it’s impossible to have a good relationship with exes, but it can actually be done with a little effort. Read on to find out a few helpful hints for […]

Things You Must Never Say about Your Ex

Sometimes we really want to get back on our ex and tell everyone what a complete jerk he was. But you should know a few important things you must never say about your ex-boyfriend. If you broke up recently with your partner, you might still be full of remorse and in pain. You might even be tempted to get revenge, […]

Reasons Not to Be Friends with Your Ex

There are plenty of reasons why you should never stay friends with your ex. There are some situations when it’s okay if you stay on good terms with an ex, but there are also many situations when it’s actually a bad idea. The obvious one is violence. Check out a few reasons not to be friends with your former love.

Tips for Being Friends with Your Ex

Who said that ex-boyfriend cannot be a good friend? In fact, being friends with your ex is a matter of personal choice. Although it’s just not the easiest thing to do, check out some tips for being friends with your ex.