Tips for Being Friends with Your Ex

Who said that ex-boyfriend cannot be a good friend? In fact, being friends with your ex is a matter of personal choice. Although it’s just not the easiest thing to do, check out some tips for being friends with your ex.

1. Don’t discuss your past relationship with him

If you meet your ex-boyfriend, you might want to speak about your relationship. But discussing your past relationship with him is really a bad idea. Speaking about things that do not matter can just fuel the problem. If you want to be friends with your ex, it’s better to be friends without any conditions.

2. Be honest with yourself

Are you being honest with yourself? Is it really worth being friends with your ex? Evaluate your intentions. If you still have strong feelings for him, then you are heading for trouble. If you want to be friends with your ex, let go of your past emotional baggage.

3. Don’t share your emotions with your ex

If you find that you are feeling low and weepy, then talk to your best friend. But don’t share your emotions with your ex-boyfriend. If there’s an emotional involvement, you might feel the same for him. Remember, there must be any emotional involvement here.

4. Be happy

Nobody is forcing you to be friends with your ex-boyfriend. This must be only your personal choice. Here, the comfort level plays the most significant role. If he is happy and you also have similar feelings, you can continue to remain friends with him.

5. Maintain the right space

Space is important! If your ex-boyfriend tells you what to do, then tell him to back off. If you want to remain friends with him, you must maintain the right space. Otherwise, you both will have a lot of problems.

6. Keep your relationship platonic

It is also important to keep your relationship platonic if both of you want to remain friends. No hugs, no kisses and no intimacy. If you get too physical with your ex-boyfriend just after the break up, you would start feeling for him again. Be friends but try to maintain a safe distance. If you can’t keep a safe distance, then you should stay away from him.

7. Treat your ex as a friend

Finally, one of the most important rules is treating your ex-boyfriend as a friend. Don’t cross your line, because if you do, there is a chance that you may feel for him. It’s better to remain as a distant friend, at first. Saying a simple ‘hello’ or discussing common things can do the trick.

It’s not actually bad to remain friends with your ex-boyfriend. It depends on how you take the whole situation. If your emotions are true and pure, then keep a cordial relationship with him. Do you have any other tips for being friends with your ex? Share your thoughts, please!


Tips for Being Friends with Your Ex