Reasons Reading Books is Better than Having a Boyfriend

Good books may be the friends in your lifetime because they will never hurt you or cheat on you but only give you some knowledge and help. A good book may always give you company when you feel lonely and it’s is a great partner that brings all of the world’s facts to your reading desk. Check out a few reasons reading books is better than having a boyfriend.

1. Never make you feel lonely

Book lovers never feel lonely. You can take your book anywhere and you can also count on it for entertainment any hour and any day! A book’s company will keep you entertained with the world of drama, fiction, suspense and romance. And a boyfriend can give you his company only when he has free time and might leave you and can go away for several days. A good book will never make you feel abandoned or bored as opposed to guys!

2. Never hurt you or cheat on you

Books will never hurt you or cheat on you. Unlike a boyfriend who could cheat on you because he’s a human being, a good book will never do it. Your book will accompany you with its humble and polite words no matter what happens!

3. Never force you to change yourself

Most guys might expect you to gain a little weight, to become leaner, to get a new job, to change your dressing style, etc. Books will never force you to change yourself and quite the contrary they will allow you to be yourself! Don’t make changes in yourself according to your boyfriend, just read good books and know the world around!

4. Keep you in the real world

Unlike the love’s fantasy world, books will show you the real world. Guys might make you an imaginary queen just for a while, but books will keep you close to the facts! They will give you wisdom and help you to analyze your weakness and strengths. Plus, they can help you to become a better person and to get rid of your flaws.

5. Provide you with a treasure of knowledge

Guys can never match the type of knowledge books can provide! Choose any subject and read a few related books to get educated. And your boyfriend can talk about the same old things that do nothing more than just killing time.

6. A book is a great teacher

A good book can surely teach you the difference between wrong and right. It can definitely give you the wisdom to understand a lot of different things as well. Unlike your boyfriend, a good book educates you a lot!

7. You can always buy a new book

It’s extremely difficult to replace a guy, if you don’t actually like him. Sure, you can do it, but it’s impossible to replace your boyfriends every now and then. And when you feel bored with one book, you can always buy the other one!

Do you agree that reading books is better than having a boyfriend? Can you name any reasons? Share your thoughts, please!


Reasons Reading Books is Better than Having a Boyfriend