Recognize The Reality (Part 1)

The true nature of “reality and the related question of “the meaning” of life, has occupied the thoughts, and research of scientists and philosophers for thousands of years. Whole libraries could be filled with books and research papers. In recent years billions of dollars have been, and continue to be spent on theoretical physics projects, the latest of which is designed in the hope of finding the so called “God Particle”.

Before we can even begin to consider the nature of absolute “reality”, we must first address the question of the nature “local reality”, and how it is “experienced” and perceived, simply because these are the factors upon which all other research has been based.

To begin to address this question, we may look around us now. What do we see? Our “PC”, the display, the “desk” upon which the display rests, the “chair” upon which we are seated, the “doors”, “walls” and “ceiling” are there for example. These objects may seem very “real” to us from our own personal perspective, but are these familiar everyday objects “real” in absolute terms?

Is Earth “real”? How about the Universe? And the “instruments” used to sample “reality”? The first question we must ask is “what is really “real”? Are the things around us really “real”?

To begin to understand the true nature of the experience that most humans regard as “reality” or “life”, you must first take a dispassionate look at how your perception of “reality”, from the perspective of a human being “living” on Earth – your personal experience – is collated and ultimately perceived by you.

This is the experiential process we must consider, take account of and apply as the basis for further discussion and investigation:

1. The five physical senses
– sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch – continuously send data in the form of millions of tiny “packets” of electrical charges, collectively “sensory inputs” representing our immediate surrounds every second to our organic brain.

2. The organic brain
is not the Mind and neither is the organic brain the so called “seat of consciousness” – an erroneous idea in and of itself. The organic brain is best likened to as an immensely powerful supercomputer, but which still relies completely upon its programmer and systems analyst – the Subconscious Sphere of activity of the Mind most often considered to be the “Subconscious Mind. It continuously collates and assembles the stream of sensory inputs received from the sensory organs from which it compiles a composite image or impression as a “best guess scenario”. This composite “image”, which actually encompasses all available sensory data, is then sent as a stream of data to the Subconscious sphere of Mind Principle – Sub-consciousness – “Subconscious Mind”.

3. Subconscious sphere of Mind
– Sub-consciousness – then applies a wide range of learned “filters”, acquired over the duration of the physical life experience to that point, based upon ongoing ideas, feelings, emotions, fears, self esteem, prejudices, beliefs and belief systems, religions, expectations of family, friends, society, perceptions on “money” and sense of security, concerns for family and much, much more, all received from the Conscious Sphere of Mind Principle – the Conscious Mind – during the ongoing experience which it recognizes as “life”. The Subconscious Mind Principle is sublime, and simply accepts these messages from the Conscious Sphere of Mind activity as “preferences” without question, as your own preferred “self-image”, your “ideal self” – how you “see yourself”.

The Subconscious Mind then applies these “preferences” to the composite image it has received from the organic brain, and then forwards it to the Conscious Mind. Conscious Mind duly accepts it the image as our own impression of our current “experience” in that moment.

This impression or image is always accepted by the Conscious Mind as “real” because the Subconscious Mind has already processed the image to ensure that it is in exact alignment with how we already perceive our own situation and “life experience”, and therefore there are no contradictions, and we have no reason to consciously doubt it. So the “Subconscious Mind” is simply and only showing us only that which we already expect to see based upon our own perceptions, positive, negative or neutral of our own personal experience. Subconscious Mind is always “humoring” us.

Again this of course is a continuous process involving a constant stream of images or impressions being fed to our Conscious Mind from our Subconscious Mind based upon the sensory data received from our environment, with perception filters applied.

It is erroneous to speak in terms of “Conscious Mind” or “Subconscious Mind” because they are both spheres of activity of the One Mind. We should always refer to these as Consciousness and Sub-consciousness. However, in the interests of familiarity of terms, I may continue to use both as appropriate. There is also Super-consciousness.

Now the important point to note at this stage is that our personal experience is constantly being shaped by the Conscious observations, experiences and associated thought processes, feelings and emotions of the individual, who is generally simply reacting to and engaging in what they sincerely believe to be their “real” experience, but usually has little or no control, or even remote awareness of this process.

It is a very common human trait to focus much more upon the negative aspects of their experience, the corresponding worries, fears and negative expectations arising from which are being constantly received by, and being impressed upon the Subconscious Mind, reinforced by feelings, moods and emotions.

So again, Subconscious Mind is dutifully and immutably ensuring that our perception of our own experience accurately reflects our own perceived experience and expectations, thereby perpetually satisfying our own self-reinforcing perceptions, prejudices and beliefs, which can then spiral very quickly to what may be perceived as a “hopeless situation”, as very often happens.

Now it should and must be noted at this point that this process has absolutely nothing whatsoever to with “attraction” as suggested by proponents of the “Law of Attraction”. There is no “attraction” and there can never be “attraction” which is an entirely erroneous concept as generally presented. “Attraction” implies a duality – “attracting” “something” “to us” that exists independently “outside” of ourselves. In truth there is no “outside”, there is no duality and there can never be “attraction”.

Nothing can exist “outside” of “The All” or within the context of The All. Every human, no matter what “picture” the physical senses, organic brain and conscious Mind conspire to present, is an inseparable aspect of All that Is, concurrently existing wherever The All Exists, encompassing The All, so it is completely erroneous to think in terms of “attracting” something from “somewhere” “outside” of us when in fact there is no “outside” of us.

Duality and separation are illusions arising from the physical senses and the conscious sphere of activity of Mind, but have absolutely no basis in fact. But still nevertheless the Conscious Mind “sees” or more correctly “perceives” and believes itself to be a “separate” “person”, the Ego. This indeed is where many of the issues facing humanity today originate, and is accordingly the origin and cause of most misery, suffering and conflict in the World. Conflict can only exist as a concept when people believe in us and them.

Now in our next post, we can move on to examining the “bigger picture” of experience that is presented to the conscious sphere of Mind Principle in the form of a “physical Universe” of “matter”, to which human experience is inexorably related. Kindly be continued and help ourselves to be happy and recognize the