Recognize The Reality (Part 2)

Yesterday, we considered the experience that is presented to the conscious sphere of Mind Principle in the form of a “physical Universe” of “matter”, to which human experience is inexorably related. Most mainstream sciences today still subscribe to, and base the entire philosophy and sphere of research around the model originally proposed by Newton, comprising a strictly 3-dimensional model of the Universe, consisting of structures made of what scientists have labeled as “matter”, governed by laws contrived by science based upon a purely physical reference point.

Mainstream science, be it chemistry, biology or any of the other materially based sciences rely substantially upon this traditional 3D model of the Universe, with its constituent sub atomic particles, atoms and molecules, giving rise to carbon/ hydrogen based organic life, without which these science would have no basis. The classroom wall of every school laboratory is adorned by the omnipresent periodic table of elements.

But there is also a fourth factor, sometimes considered as a dimension – time. Time is not always recognized as a dimension simply because it is not tangible – it cannot be observed as such – but is nevertheless inseparable from the three dimensions of space, generally considered being length, width and height. This is why theoretical physicists often refer to this model more appropriately as space-time.

Einstein also encompassed time within the context of his Special Theory of Relativity which also takes accounts for associated factors such as mass, velocity and gravity. Ultimately of course light – in terms of photons – must also be included.

A cornerstone of Astrophysics and related sciences is the so called “Big Bang Theory”. But again, the Big Bang Theory is based purely on the assumption that the entire Universe is, and always has existed in three physical dimensions plus time, and that accordingly all matter originated within the context of this 3D environment as a direct result of this mysterious but highly energetic and explosive primordial event.

This model would, therefore, seem to imply that in the beginning, before the big bang, the Universe was characterized by a pre-existent void of 3-dimensional nothingness, which subsequent to the big bang event was populated with matter and other residual cosmic material.

It should be noted that in seeking the true nature and origins of life and reality within the context of the 3-dimensional Universe of matter, science is actually working with only a very tiny subset of the available data, and here is why this 3-dimensional Newtonian model of the “Universe”, plus time, fails to take to account for the possibility or even probability of levels of higher Vibratory frequencies of Energy, beyond the confines of the traditional 3-dimensional model.

Most, if not all scientists, will happily accept the fact that the fundamental medium of the Universe is Energy, the primary characteristic of which is vibration as measured by frequency. But why would vibration suddenly cease to exist beyond a certain level that just happens to correspond with the outer limits of modern physical scientific instruments and therefore ability to measure frequency?

Vibration, of course, also encompasses scientifically measurable non-physical forms of Energy such as photons of light, including the visible spectrum of color, and the non-visible spectrum including but not limited to ultra violet, infra-red, radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays and so on, to the extent these can be measured using physical instruments of some type.

When we look at this logically however, it immediately becomes apparent that vibration simply cannot and does cease at the point at which it can no longer be physically measured, but rather simply reflects the limitations of human made scientific instruments in measuring vibration beyond a certain frequency.

However, when we honestly and sincerely seek the nature of something as fundamental as “Reality” itself, an “out of sight, out of mind” approach is hopelessly flawed quite simply because it only takes account of a very tiny fraction of the potential data, which just happens to be instrumentally measurable.

This, of course, has always been the case throughout history, with scientific models and understanding always being limited by the very nature of the instruments available. This is why a couple of hundred years ago diseases where attributed to all manner of causes, including “witchcraft”, but only because bacteria and later viruses could not be observed, and, therefore, could not be factored in to the medicine at that period.

In reality, this is an ongoing process, with scientific models always being based upon the current technology available for measurements. So, this is an infinite process that can never determine the absolute answer. Plain and simple to assume that the 3-dimensional Universe of matter encompasses all “reality” with nothing beyond, simply because it cannot be detected, is no different at all to those scientists of just a few centuries ago who believed that the Earth is flat, and the centre of both the solar system and Universe. Those scientists were no less correct than current science for the same reasons.

The “3D Universe” culture is the modern day equivalent of the “Flat Earth Society”. For example – scientists still cannot understand why, if there was a so called “big bang” originating from somewhere within what is now considered to be the three dimensional material Universe, that the Universe exhibits a very similar ambient temperature throughout. Surely if the “big bang” had originated somewhere within the known Physical Universe, considerable temperature fluctuations might be expected, relative to the distance of the point of measurement from this original primordial, explosive, extremely energetic event.

Well, the reason quite simply is this. The origin of this original creative event was not some arbitrary point located within a notional pre-existent 3dimensional void just waiting to be filled, but rather from within much higher levels of Energy, far beyond the scope of the measurement potential of physical scientific instruments, an event originating at the very core of All Creation, at the very highest frequency of Energy, the fundamental characteristic of which is Vibration, Energy that radiates consistently outwards from the epicenter.

We should note, in the interests of completeness, that it is entirely erroneous to speak in terms of the beginning, because there was no beginning, and there is no end, there is only the perpetual, eternal, moment of the present. But in the interests of following this discussion through to a meaningful conclusion using the extremely crude language humans use to communicate, we must use the temporal scientific concepts that a majority may most readily relate to.

So then, as this uniform, immense radiation of Energy with infinite potential continued to radiate outwards from its epicenter, again outwards is an erroneous concept, but will suffice for the purposes of this illustration, the Vibratory frequency of this Native Universal Energy progressively slowed, and as it did so the potential of the Energy became increasingly “coarser” and “denser” as it radiated away from its Source, until eventually the Vibratory frequency of this Native Universal Energy with infinite potential, slowed to the point that facilitated the potential for Energy to differentiate in to what humans and mainstream material science recognize as “matter” with all its constituent elements.

Thus, the culture of the Newtonian 3D Universe was born. Simply because Energy reaches the Potential to differentiate into matter, does not necessarily imply that it actually will differentiate into matter – or indeed ever did differentiate. This concept pre-supposes that what humans call “matter” even tangibly exists or possesses the potential to exist, a pre-assumption which influences the perceptions of all investigating “matter” on that basis. To that extent material science is a religion based upon a pre-existent entity.

Now, we may take up Energy. Energy is inherently formless in nature and characteristics, existing only as “Potential”, until a fundamental Principle is applied to it – Mind. A good metaphor for this process of the potential for Energy to differentiate to matter would be the slowing down of the vibratory frequency of water molecules through the process of cooling. Eventually, as the frequency of vibration of molecules of water slows to a certain point, zero degrees Celsius assuming the water is pure, water changes its structure from “liquid” water into the “solid” material known as “ice”.

The great quantum physicist David Bohm recognized this behavior in the context of Native Universal Energy when he referred to the nature of the physical Universe of “matter” as “frozen Light” – a really excellent and extremely perceptive metaphor.

In Spiritual terms, energy is also known as Light – not its photons that most humans associate with as the opposite of dark, but actually primordial Light. Therefore, the metaphor for the creation and characteristics of the physical Universe as “frozen Light” is very perceptive and appropriate indeed. But then again, David Bohm was clearly a highly remarkable scientist, who was only concerned with the absolute truth as opposed to any form of self-interest, notoriety or desire to “fit in” with the paradigm, a person, as well as scientist, who had a considerable grasp on the true nature of the entire Universe, not only the observable physical Universe, even back then. This is largely because he was able to expand the horizon of his personal sphere of comprehension, far beyond that which could simply be “measured” instrumentally.

So, you see the creation event did not originate at a random point within a notional pre-existent empty void waiting to be filled with stars, planet and other cosmic material, subsequently radiating across this notional pre-existent 3D void. What humans conceive of as creation actually originated within, at infinitely higher levels of frequency of Vibration, far beyond that which can ever be measured through crude scientific instrumentation?

Source Energy radiates progressively outwards until ultimately attaining the Potential to differentiate to the 3-dimensional material environment now known as the “Universe”. Now this creative process not only gave rise to the origination of the Potential, but not necessarily actual – basis for the 3D physical Universe of matter, but also to all to spheres of Life and being at all vibratory frequencies of Native Universal Energy. At frequencies of Vibration between 3D material potential and Source, First Cause, we find spheres of Potential mystically known as the Etheric, Astral and Spiritual “planes”.

What people think of as the “afterlife” – the place where people go to after they die – actually does exist as a very narrow, relative to the Whole, band of Energy at a massively higher vibratory frequency than that of Earth, and which therefore cannot be measured or observed with scientific instruments. This does not make them imaginary in some way – it simply means that they cannot currently be instrumentally substantiated. Even so, the “afterlife” – Astral Spheres of Energy – are still only, relatively speaking, just beyond 3 dimensional Universal potential, characterized by an infinitesimally low frequency of vibration comparative to Source. And this, then, is why the entire 3-D Universe is measured to be of a substantially uniform ambient temperature throughout, originating uniformly “from the inside out”, from a 3-D perspective, not from some arbitrary point within a pre-existent 3-D void of nothingness.

Most mainstream science, even today, denies the existence of these higher levels of Energy and vibration, simply because they can neither be measured, substantiated or otherwise quantified by the physical instruments upon which their entire paradigm rests.

David Bohm was a notable exception. His thesis on “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” remains a practical model of all “Creation”, taking into account Spheres of potential beyond the concepts of the Newtonian model of the physical Universe. Indeed Bohm later even takes into account Consciousness which, with Mind, is Principle, without which nothing could or would exist.

Just under the highest level, lies the Etheric Sphere of Energy – this is where people first find themselves after the change known as “death”, and also the realm of the entities known as “ghosts” – departed human beings who have become stuck for various reasons – usually due to some form of emotional attachment to Earth. Just beyond the Etheric Spheres of Energy Frequency lies the Astral Spheres. It is to these Astral Planes of Energy that humans usually transition after leaving the physical body during the change known as death. The Astral spheres are sometimes therefore more frequently referred to as the “Afterlife” or much more erroneously as heaven.

It is the destiny of all humans to commence the Conscious Journey at the highest level and to Evolve through the seamless layers of the atmosphere – representing Energy at increasing frequencies and resolutions of vibration, until finally, through the process of Evolution and Perfection, the point from where we came in the beginning is ultimately attained, and with it the potential to reunite, or merge.

This Evolutionary Process takes place as Experience assimilated by the Complete Spiritual “I”, giving rise to ever increasing degrees of perfection and thereby corresponding increase in the Frequency and Resolution of Vibration associated with the Unique Energy Field that represents and identifies Who we Are. Individuality, within the context of The All, is represented by our Unique Energy Configuration – Energy Field – which changes in Nature and increases in Vibratory Frequency as we Evolve through Experience during the process of Perfection.

As Individual Energy Field Increases in Vibration, Transition automatically continues to the precise Sphere of Energy Frequency of the corresponding Native Vibration, thus facilitating a seamless and automatic progression, which is always Perfect in Nature.

This, then, is the solution of the nature of Spiritual Evolution, ultimately driven by an Individual, Conscious quest for Perfection, a quest that is intimately incorporated in to our Spiritual Nature, through Experience made possible by Individual Freewill.

Let’s discuss further on this subject in our next posts. In the meanwhile, be happy and continue to recognize the reality in our life.