Recognize The Reality (Part 3)

Earlier, we considered some aspects of life in process of recognizing the reality. Now, we proceed further in this direction.

Earth may be regarded metaphorically as the “Kindergarten of Life”. The Etheric and Astral Planes are a very close extension of that same Kindergarten. Why then is this necessary? Well quite simply because only when sufficient experience has been gained through cycles of physical incarnation, is there a natural progression to increasingly more responsible and powerful roles within the context of the greater spheres of life and reality within the greater Universe as a whole, far beyond even the remotest comprehension of most earthly humans, a role carrying with it massive responsibilities that can only be continued after the complete assimilation of appropriate experience, characterized by attaining corresponding frequency of vibration of the Spiritual Body.

Allowing a human to “graduate” directly from earth to such levels of responsibility – even if it were possible – would be akin to giving a 3 year old child the trigger of fully armed thermonuclear atomic weapon to play with, such would be the disruptive potential of the situation. So, the initial phase of incarnations – experiential windows – on Earth and/or other planets is an absolutely fundamental and necessary process, wherefrom every unique energy field – human or other sentient being – must graduate before moving on to the infinitely, and to humans at this stage incomprehensibly, greater glories and responsibilities.

Each phase in this process continually facilitates the progression through inner spheres of energy, vibration, life, mind and consciousness, glorious far, far beyond the consciousness and even very remotest comprehension of most earthly humans. The Higher Self knows very well however, and will continually encourage its fragments, or representatives to pursue graduation and experience of these greater glories. This is also the solution to the metaphor of the “fallen angel” known as “Lucifer”.

Lucifer is a metaphor for the human ego mind which left or fell from source mind, in the beginning, cast down to the physical Universe of matter. It is the objective and indeed destiny, whether comprehended or not, of every human being to reunite with source Mind through the divine process of evolution and perfection through the medium of experience – thus fulfilling the cycle.

In theological or metaphorical terms, depending on your perspective, Lucifer reunites with God or if you prefer, the Son is reunited with the Father. Of course, there is no gender beyond earth, so the concepts of the masculine are entirely erroneous.But you see this is no metaphorical punishment. Quite the contrary in fact. It is rather a metaphor for Divine process applying to everyone and should accordingly be joyfully embraced and never feared. A word at this point is about “Reincarnation” or the process of experiencing multiple lives on earth or other planets. Due to the physical nature of earth, it is generally impossible to gather sufficient experience to graduate in a single lifetime or even hundreds or thousands of lifetimes.

The true, Evolving Self is generally known as the “Higher Self” – our Individuality – Who resides within much higher Energy levels – far beyond the Astral. “Higher Self” is our eternal individuality. Higher Self is a recognized term which would be more appropriately described as “Inner Self”. In absolute terms the concepts of “higher”, “lower” even “inner” are duality based and accordingly do not exist. They will, however, suffice for the purposes of gaining access to the considerations encompassed within these discussions.

Each “life” on Earth is experienced through and as a Personality of that Individuality. The more Personalities our Individuality “sends to Earth”, and/or other planets in the material Universe, the more Experience is returned to Eternal Individuality, and the more complete Higher Self – Individuality – becomes. So, Higher Self – Individuality – usually sends numerous “messengers” to Earth – or other planet – as both genders, all races, countries, cultures and circumstances, until finally a messenger attains the ultimate objective of Enlightenment while still in the context of a physical body.

This then signifies the end of this initial but crucial phase of Individual Evolution – “incarnational” cycle – where the enlightened fraction of the Higher Self returns to Higher Self Who then assumes the personality of the enlightened incarnation. So Individuality continues with its acquired Personality, ceases to be a “Higher Self” – there are no longer any aspects of itself to be “Higher” than – to the next phase of the greater Evolutionary cycle.

Here we may discuss about so called “past lives”. Each messenger of the Higher Self, each Personality, experiences one single “life” on Earth, or other planet, only, and then, after the physical body dies – no longer viable as an organic vehicle – transitions to the Etheric and then Astral Spheres of Energy in most cases.

Enlightened or Evolved Spirits or Beings who came to Earth for a specific purpose or “mission” – for example the figures known as “Jesus” or the “Buddha” – are exceptions, as are Beings known as “Avatars” and also others, simply returning directly to the Spiritual Sphere of Energy Frequency from whence they came. The Astral Energy Sphere is an environment where Earth people usually feel completely at “home” or even regard as “heaven”, simply because they can experience anything they can possibly imagine at will, without the needs of “money”, “work” and all those other typical trappings and instruments of control of human society. The “afterlife” also seems much more “solid”, “real” and “substantial” than Earth.

Astral residents will linger until they have fully satiated all materially motivated desires, infatuations, additions and ultimately concepts accumulated as a result of Earth experience, which experiences are eventually recognized and assimilated as the illusions or “delusions” they really are. The journey of the personality to the individuality of Higher Self with a unique package of experience contributing to the whole potential Individuality that Higher Self represents at that stage of Evolution, on the path of evolving spiritual “I” within the context of All.

This is why it is totally and completely erroneous to speak or think in terms of “past lives”. There is absolutely no such thing as a “past life” simply because each “life” represents a complete cycle in its own right originating and terminating with Higher Self.

Equally as erroneous is the concept of “sequential” lives – in other words the idea that every “person” experiences a sequential series of “lives” or “incarnations”, each at a progressively “later” period in Earth’s history than the previous, thus giving rise to the erroneous notion that a “past life” took place for example in Ancient Egypt, or Babylon, or very popularly Atlantis and so on. “Past lives” are invariably perceived as glamorous – never “hard” or “ordinary”. Everyone likes to think of themselves as living as a “King”, “Princess”. This is in turn responsible for the equally erroneous idea of past life regressions where, under hypnosis or other form of access to the Subconscious Sphere of Mind, a person may discover their identity and physical circumstances during a previous incarnation, or life in Earth’s history.

In actual fact – all “lives” – Personalities – “incarnations” – take place concurrently, and not therefore sequential at all. This is true because our Individuality, our Totality, our Higher, Spiritual “I” Self, resides on a Vibration far beyond the human concept of time. Higher Self knows precisely the nature of Experiences required in order to achieve the level of completeness and therefore of Perfection and Evolution required to complete this initial phase on the great Path, to facilitate moving on to greater experiences.

Individuality, Higher Self, therefore, fills in experiential “gaps” in its completeness by choosing, as far as possible from the range of possibilities, the circumstances that would best facilitate the opportunity of gathering a specific aspect of required experience.

To this end, Higher Self chooses the time-line relative to the concept of Earth, time, country, culture, circumstances and parents which provide the best probability of gaining that particular packet of experience.

Yes, you chose your own parents, and your own children likewise chose you, so always treat each other with the greatest love and respect, while keeping in mind that age is utterly meaningless, and that your own kids, while you may perceive them as children, may well be far more Spiritually mature than you. This is particularly true during this transitional era where numerous spiritually advanced children are being born to assist parents and humanity with their particular abilities, particularly through the arts and any ability with the profound potential to influence the human mind and vibratory frequency.

A metaphor that may assist in the understanding of this process of “concurrent incarnation” is that of a wooden cart wheel, with its hub and outer rim connected by its spokes. Consider the physical Universe as the outer rim of the wheel, Higher Self as the hub, and with each Personality or “incarnation” represented by each distinct spoke in the wheel.

Now, your Higher Self, may be experiencing alternative concurrent “incarnations” as, for example, a Neanderthal women, a medieval gentleman land owner, a teenage soldier in the trenches of the first world war, an Egyptian Queen, or numerous other such “role playing games” – all in the same Eternal Moment of Now. You are not aware of this situation simply because each Personality experiences each distinct but related incarnation through the mediation of the individual Conscious Ego Mind, which actually represents only a very tiny subset of the “Higher” Individual Mind. The individual Ego Mind of each personality is bound by the current temporal experience as it relates to the human concept and perception of time and space which it chooses to subscribe to. Only Higher Self has a complete perspective over all concurrent incarnations, which, in any case Higher Self sees only as circumstances with experiential potential or opportunities. Never ages in the history of Earth or another planet. Higher Self is not concerned with time, only Evolutionary Potential.

As each personality, incarnation, ego concludes its mission on earth, the organic body dies and the ego, the personality – the soul – leaves the physical shell they once used on earth, to begin the journey back to the individual “I”, Higher Self. Upon reaching Higher Self, the package of experience, to the extent it has been attained, is then assimilated to the Whole Self Individuality, Which thus expands and accordingly becomes more evolved and complete in the only objective of progression beyond the material incarnational process, to attain complete spiritual “I”.

There is an interesting anomaly arising in that the Astral spheres – the “afterlife” – existing beyond the perception and experience of time, there may well be many thousands of you as different Personalities of the very same Individuality living in the Astral, on the same plane of vibratory frequency that the sphere of your conscious awareness currently occupies. Thus, you can even meet up with each other, or whole groups of “You”, without being even aware of it.

To understand this apparent anomaly better, it is a good idea to think in terms of Individual Conscious Awareness being Partitioned in to personal spheres of conscious awareness, each of which is fire-walled from the other, so that there is no “leakage” of experience which may influence and thereby compromise or corrupt other spheres of Conscious Awareness.

Experience is only viable when gained in an autonomous context. This is what gives rise to the apparent experience of an “individual” life on Earth without any greater “meaning” or context.

So returning to the main issue of our discourse on the nature of “Reality” – as a human on earth, for now, you are simply experiencing a Personal sphere of conscious awareness, independent of concurrent experiences of your Individuality, through the mediation of the five physical senses, in turn both generated and “colored” by the subconscious mind in accordance with the nature of your own ongoing thoughts, feelings, emotions, expectations, experiences and other spheres of Conscious Mind Principle.

Before continuing we may, in the interest of completeness, re-visit the role of “time” in the context of human experience in our next post. In the meanwhile, I would like to have your comments on the above and hope that you too will continue your journey of exploring what is the reality.

Be Happy – we may continue to recognize the reality.