Recognize The Reality (Part 4)

As we are aware, time, as humans know and experience it, simply does not exist except to the extent it is perceived to be experienced and believed to exist. Time, to the extent in which it is experienced at all, is entirely subjective and never objective. Even the subjectivity is relative to the perspective of the experience.

Humans usually attempt to reduce “time” to an objective experience by arbitrarily introducing methods of measurement based upon the relationships between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. This infatuation with what in reality is no more than a “concept” has wrought all manner of confusion and misery upon humanity, and is still the basis of much confusion and misunderstanding – particular within mainstream sciences.

In reality, there is no time. There is no space – there is only the present moment of now – which is eternal. If you were to place yourself in a permanently illuminated or darkened, as you prefer, room without windows, clocks or other mechanical means of measuring time, what happens to your perception of time? Very quickly, you would have no idea what minute, hour, day, month or year it is. You can guess of course, but you would invariably be wrong. As your isolation progressed, any best guesses about time, date, year would become increasingly flawed. Once we remove all the mechanical human reference points, time immediately becomes meaningless.

The neurotransmitters in your brain that regulate your sleep and waking cycles – melatonin, serotonin for example – would reset, and you would lose all orientation with your previous concept of time. You may become disoriented and even distressed.

If you lived on a different planet, of a different size, with a different speed of rotation, distance from its Sun, with or without one or more moons – Jupiter for example – then your clocks and calendars would look completely different. You would still live in the same physical Universe subject to the same Universal Principles, but your measurement and concept of time would be unrecognizable. Is time therefore correct on Earth or on the other planet, for example Jupiter?

It should be apparent that time cannot be measured because time is a subjective experience, not an objective Principle, and in any case only exists as a concept within the context of space. If we look at time dispassionately, we can clearly see that time is not principle, constant and objective. Time, therefore, cannot be considered even as a dimension or factor in equations.

Again, the reason that humans feel tired at night and awake during the day, is simply because the conscious sphere of mind has convinced subconscious sphere of mind that time is real and measured in a certain way specifically with reference to photons of Energy entering the eyes as light, or absence of photons as a lack of light. Subconscious Mind then reproduces those expectations by programming the biorhythms of the organic body accordingly through the manipulation of amino acids, neurotransmitters in the brain such as melatonin, serotonin and dopamine, which in turn provides the experience of wakefulness, sleepiness and mental capacity and so on.

Having now addressed the personal layer of experience which is controlled by the conscious sphere of mind, the personality, also known as the ego, let us now move on to the next layer – the material or physical layer to which the ego mind relates.

We have already established the relationship between matter, the organic brain, the subconscious mind and the conscious ego mind relative to the human concept of time which is entirely subjective, never objective, never fixed in nature and cannot be a constant. But what if very reference points for space and time had no basis?

We may begin this part of our investigation with the benefit of another metaphor that many may relate to – the trilogy of movies entitled ” The Matrix”. In the context of the Matrix the inhabitants or more correctly participants, live within the context of populated setting, typical of a metropolitan environment on Earth.

But the twist in the movie is that these people are soon shown not to be real and neither is their environment real.The participants are instead neurally connected to an immensely powerful computer environment, that simulates a late twentieth century Earth environment and lifestyle. All of these participants seem to happily continue their daily activities just as you do – they eat, sleep, entertain themselves, meet in groups and so on – without ever understanding their absolute true nature.

They have no reference point for true nature. As a physical human the Matrix may be used as a metaphor for the Earth environment, analogous to a typical metropolitan setting, with accuracy. When Neo was first rescued from the Matrix and shown its true nature by Morpheus, he was, then, able to free himself from neural network to which he had been connected, the illusion of the Matrix, to choose a more substantial reality depicted as “Zion”.

Once Neo realized the truth of the nature of the Matrix, he no longer regarded it as “real”. Later Neo would have the ability to consciously “plug-in” to the Matrix at will, interact with the environment, and change the very nature of the Matrix according to his needs and situation, knowing that he was not subject to any of the limitations he once believed. Now consider for a moment the material world that you are so familiar with and believe in is the “Matrix”, and you are Neo or Trinity. Now you have an excellent metaphor for the basis of your own physical experience on Earth.

Everything you see around you – your PC, desk, chairs, drink, food – everything you almost certainly consider to be composed of material of some kind – exists only because your physical senses, organic brain and Conscious Ego Mind say these things exists and have substance and basis in fact. But whether they do exist or not, is the question of the matter. What is the matter? Let’s consider in our next post. In the meanwhile, we may continue to recognize the reality by making a little more deep thinking over what we stated so far and what we see further.