Recognize The Reality (Part 10)

Life is an illusion as well as death. It is configuration of energy. Yes, humans, indeed all life, which means all that is, are simply unique configurations of energy, energy fields, within the context of the greater energy field, universal mind, each energy field identified by a unique but constantly changing vibration, the rate or frequency of which is entirely dependent upon state of evolution and perfection relative to the only true reference – source, first cause while still intimately and seamlessly connected to the whole energy field as one complete experience with infinite experiential potential.

This is why life, as humans know it in the physical universe, is an illusion – a dream, but a dream that anyone can consciously change if they choose to, and have sufficient mind power and control to do so. If life is an illusion what then does that make death?

Death is an illusion. Mind, ego, consciousness, soul, and spirit are all configurations of energy – existing only as unique energy fields identifying who we are – the spiritual “I”. Humans are, therefore, indestructible in absolute terms, even if the organic body is transient in nature.

During the change known as death, the soul and spirit – unique energy field – leaves the organic material shell, to present experience itself as pure energy without the encumbrance of the physical shell, physical senses and organic brain, which, after life principle has departed, is free to decompose to the extent it may be observed to do so.

Experience after death seems considerably more real than before, because whereas before death experience relied on the sensory inputs of the five physical senses and the limitations of an organic brain, the body of Energy now experiences directly. Taking the sense organs and organic brain out of the picture immediately removes a whole layer of potential error.

The influence of the sense of time is also removed, and along with it the illusion of waiting for something to materialize. All thoughts manifest instantly as forms – thought forms – energy forms – inherently transient in nature. The subconscious sphere of activity of the mind now decodes energy, thought forms, directly. In this more powerful state, in the absence of space or time, mind not only decodes thought forms directly, it also influences energy to bring about thought forms which are observed instantly.

This is still an entirely subjective experience, however, because the experiences as thought forms are still in observed in accordance with the nature of the Thought that gave rise to them.

So after passing, humans must very quickly learn to control the nature of their thoughts – to control their mind – a lesson best learned before passing where the challenges are greater, and materialize much slower, so the experience is much more forgiving – which after all is he whole basis of the physical Universe and material existence. A kindergarten child needs to be introduced to their full potential gradually so they can grasp it, and less likely to make mistakes.

In the Astral worlds, the afterlife, the life after death, humans are still living the illusion of material form, which, at that stage of their evolution is still required – it must be, otherwise they would not be there at all. Astral residents are either not being able to comprehend or willing to contemplate a massively more powerful, formless, bodiless, experience as a self-aware, self-conscious point of energy. These are spheres of true glory, where form is regarded as a necessary first step on the path to much greater and more responsible roles, responsibilities and adventures.

The physical world to ascended humans is perceived as but nothing more than a hazy, crudely defined, but interesting, necessary dream. Yes, physical life is a dream, but a necessary learning experience in which every human has chosen to participate at the start of the glorious journey along the Eternal Path of experience and perfection, with the potential to achieve the ultimate conclusion of reuniting with Source, while, on the journey, accepting far greater, more responsible and glorious roles within the all, as a hugely powerful designers and creators of environments and games, designed to facilitate ever further evolution and perfection, while joining with groups of spirits to be of service out of unconditional love to those further out on the path – the Inner always helping the Outer in love and service. The entire Universe – in all spheres – is characterized by cycles of energy – some extremely “short” , other extremely “long”, but all have the potential to influence us in some way.

Humanity is currently experiencing the end of one such great cycle of 25,765 years or so, and the transition to the next. These events have the potential to be completely transformational for those prepared. The Higher Self of those not yet ready will continue their own cycle of incarnations on Earth if possible, other planets if not. These events are potential to be both transformational and from a physical human perspective, destructive. But this is simply an aspect of the perfection of universal mind, old paradigms needing to be swept aside to facilitate the new.

Your own time to awaken is now, as humanity, Earth and all Life on Earth on Earth approaches a this truly great transformational and transitional event – an opportunity to experience a great leap in your own personal evolution, should you choose, and will prepare yourself accordingly, an opportunity to experience the potential to remove many physical world obstacles, thus presenting a golden opportunity for all those who have made it possible for themselves to participate in this great evolutionary opportunity.

Evolution is not fixed to any point within the human experience – it is ongoing. Any human can achieve the evolutional potential at any time and proceed to the next level. But the opportunity such as that being presented Now, and which will accelerate exponentially towards the pivotal moment, may be considered to be a 25,765 year window of opportunity with the potential to achieve a quantum leap in personal evolution should you be prepared for this Divine opportunity and choose to accept it. There has never, at least in the last 25,765 years or so, been a better time to experience being a Human on Earth.

Yet, you must still make the decision and take the actions to embrace this opportunity and go with the flow. There is no sitting back and waiting for it to happen – it will not. If you do you will miss the proverbial boat, and another one of this size does not depart for another 25,765 years or so. Complacency never brings evolution. All humans are here to Evolve, but Evolution will not take place without effort, commitment, understanding, knowledge and application. Transient Experience does not equate to Evolution, although nothing is ever wasted within the perfection of the all.

Finally what then can we say about the nature of reality? We can never know the absolute nature of Reality as source mind, the supreme intelligence, until finally, through the process of evolution, the potential is reached and the decision is made to reunite, to merge, at which point all will become known.

We can, however, say this about the all encompassing nature of the subjective reality within the context of universal mind in which we experience, evolve, love and have our Being. This Subjective aspect of universal reality may be defined as: a boundless expanse of eternal, intelligent, conscious, vibrant energy, subjectively experiencing itself.

So what then are the three Fundamental Qualities of this Greater Reality? Love – Mind – Consciousness. There is nothing else. What may we say about the nature of the Personal reality of humans on Earth.

Personal Reality is simply your Subjective Experience in any Moment of present within the overall context of the greater Reality. The Moment of present is Eternal, Encompassing Infinite Potential, any aspect of which any human has the potential to experience through mind principle in the process of personal evolution – also an aspect of collective evolution – although there is ultimately but one of which we are all eternal aspects within the universal mind.

Subjective Experience, the reason or meaning of physical life, provides a limitless, self-regulating environment through which personal evolution can progress through the divine freewill we are all blessed with, and the infinite power of mind, within the context of a universal mind of infinite potential, always regulated through immutable universal principles.

The kindergarten environment of the physical, material Universe provides a sandbox in which humans can play without hurting themselves or disrupting the greater Universal harmony. Once a human has attained sufficient experience and evolution, they are released from the sandbox – the physical universe – to take their place as a formless spiritual “I” in the context of the greater whole, all, of universal mind.

The objective and destiny of every individual aspect of mind as the spiritual “I” is to attain the potential to reunite with source mind energy, supreme being and intelligence, at which moment the absolute ultimate reality is instantly realized in that moment.

Most humans currently experiencing Earth life are just setting foot on this Eternal Path, along which life and experience becomes increasingly real and glorious. There are no human words to even begin to describe these Divine glories – a primary motivation to continue, during which increasingly greater and more responsible roles are accepted with great joy, thus facilitating ever greater potential for experience and evolution, while contributing to the evolution and expansion of the whole – the all.

So, how may we summarize your “physical experience” in the context of Earth? Your physical life is a sandbox and you are a child of the universe playing within your sandbox. You may mould your toys indefinitely to any Experience that you can imagine. Life in the physical world of matter – your current experience – is a but a dream, a dream which you and you alone continually perpetuate within the context the collective dream of humanity.

Your objective on Earth is to realize both the personal and collective dream for what it really is, free yourself from that dream, and consciously realize, and connect with the greater reality beyond the dream, and source of all that is.
What you have been previously been taught, experienced and as recognized as life, is but a game, a game in which you have hitherto willingly participated and immersed yourself believing it to represent your life and reality. Your Moment has now arrived to graduate beyond the nurturing, loving and self experiencing kindergarten realm of games, pretend and make-believe, to graduate to the glorious realms of a much greater responsibility, love and service to all.

Your current experience of life is but the space-time bound Matrix, a projected game, an illusion that you have chosen to experience. You must now awaken to the full nature of this game, before you may liberate your self from the game. Your objective is to attain enlightenment, encompassing the full realization of, and conscious oneness and connection with, source of all that is.

Unconditional love and service for all life becomes a primary principle. Physical, material life is recognized for the dream that it really is having finally served its purpose which you understand and are grateful for. The ultimate objective and greatest attainment of all humans therefore, as many have before you, is to achieve enlightenment while still in the context of a physical human experience. This is a primary reason why Higher Self of Humans chooses the extremely challenging route of concurrent physical incarnation – the most effective way of instantly attaining the necessary Experience to facilitate the Graduation of Higher Self – Spiritual “I” – to much greater, glorious and responsible roles in the totality of Universal Mind.

Be Happy – It is the reality of life.