Recognize The Reality (Part 9)

In process of finding out the reality, we have so far been analyzing a number of the relevant aspects of our thoughts and experiences. Now let us take a very brief look not at things or objects but of the collective experiences that humans call events. Events can be personal in nature of course, but are more often shared by a number of people, and often considered to be unexpected.

Humans have a profound tendency to label events – indeed experiences generally – as, for example, good or bad. Events are neither good nor bad; they simply are to the extent that they even exist at all. Events are consciously shared experiences. In fact there is no good or bad – these are quite simply examples of duality based concepts. There is ultimately only experience itself which is neither good nor bad, but simply is.

An event is temporal in nature, that is to say experienced only during the moment at which the circumstances of the event are observed by all the participants. Of course, events can span years of earth time relative to what is known as history, and throughout earth history there are examples of this. But the important point to keep in mind is that no such temporal event can ever manifest in isolation.

In accordance with the Universal Principle of Cause and Effect, every event is ultimately associated with an infinite and unbroken series, or chain of related events, causes and effects, a temporal moment of which is observed within the personal sphere of consciousness of a person or people, before continuing on beyond the temporal event horizon of those observers and on in to the temporal sphere of perception of other people or beings, on earth or other planet, always independent of time or space where it is experienced in a temporal zone, eventually continuing on to infinity.

This progression of events may travel through the spheres of consciousness of countless Beings existing on the same or different levels of energy, vibration, and/or temporal time-lines relative to earth or other planets or environments, each moment or instance of which may be observed in isolation as a localized temporal event, without any knowledge whatsoever of the associated and continuous, infinite chain of related events – Causes and Effects – of which it is a part.

Even then this chain of events is not real, or material, in accordance with the Principles we have already discussed. It is rather an infinite chain of related Thought Forms, each of which has infinite potential to manifest in its own temporal sphere of observation, in accordance with the Subconscious filters of the observers. So, even each distinct temporal event may be deemed good or bad depending on the Subconscious mind or Mind and associated filters of the participants.

But again, this event may only be observed only within the temporal event horizon of the observers, before continuing on beyond the temporal event horizon of the observers, and therefore beyond the perception and experience of the observers. There is nothing random about these events, and they never happen in isolation for no apparent reason for the reasons previously discussed, and certainly never by chance, luck, fortune or any other such superstitious notion. So, how may we summarize the question of reality as it relates to human experience?

Well to start with we must understand the fact that the entire nature of the “Universe” in all spheres of Vibration, exists only as an Infinite expanse of Energy encompassing infinite potential, is infinitely fluid, and responds only to Mind Principle at all levels.

Mind may be considered, at a human level, to encompass two fundamental spheres of existence – personal – which encompasses the conscious and subconscious components – and the Collective or Shared. This is still an over-simplification, but will suffice for the purposes of this discussion. There is also the super-conscious Mind, or super-consciousness – a much higher and all encompassing level of Mind in the context of Universal Mind.

Nothing in the Universe is ever fixed and therefore nothing in the Universe is ever real in accordance with the human concept of real – nothing ever has substance – at least not in any more than in a transient sense. Source mind, first cause is the only objective reality, because only source encompasses the all, knows the all and sees the all from a complete perspective. No aspect of source can be inherently unreal or imperfect – it simply is. All other aspects of reality are, by very nature, Subjective Reality.

All that is exists then ultimately may be conceptualized as an infinite ocean of vibrant energy with infinite potential, perpetually subjectively experiencing itself through individuations – fragments – of its self, but which fragments are also concurrently integral aspects of its self. There is no separation in any reality except that which is perceived which is never real except to the extent it seems real to the observer.

As an individuated energy field – conscious and subconscious mind, spirit, within the great energy field – universal mind – we exist everywhere within universal mind, with the same infinite potential, concurrently, encompassing the whole.

Movement is therefore an illusion – all “projection” is a projection of conscious awareness, of the mind only – a focusing to the point in the universal energy field that is desired to be experienced, and which can be imagined and comprehended.

Movement and therefore motion must be an illusion, because there is no duality, no here or there to move between. No Being can experience anything outside the current sphere of imagination and comprehension, both of which expand during the process of experience and Evolution. A possibility only becomes experiential as a thought form in the precise moment it is observed, and after which returns to transient native universal energy with infinite potential. Never at any time was the thought form real in the absolute sense.

What each human currently considers as their current reality simply represents a infinitesimally tiny subset of the Whole Universe of possibilities that have been subscribed to and observed out of freewill. In the physical state this process is comprised of a composite of the sensory inputs fed to the organic brain, interpreted by the Subconscious mind which applies filters based upon the lifetime of learned and programmed thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, expectations and capacity to comprehend, imagine and experience, and then on to the Conscious mind to be perceived as subjective, but never objective experience, never real in absolute terms.

What people perceive as solid matter in isolation, is simply a transient thought form of an infinitely fluid quantum soup in which every component is intimately related by the same infinite quantum potential, and encompasses everywhere within the all concurrently. Matter is therefore never real – it is always a transient composite illusion regardless of how it the conscious mind chooses to perceive it.

What people perceive as an object is actually just a very tiny fragment of energy as a transient thought form that only exists as such to the extent and moment in which it is observed, while also existing as integral aspect of infinite, interconnected wholeness. This leads to the only possible conclusion that what humans call matter does not exist. Locality does not exist. Space does not exist. Time does not exist.

What metaphysics or mystics erroneously refer to as projection is actually a shift in the point of conscious awareness in the context of the all, to a point within infinity to the extent that the desired point can be comprehended, conceptualized and imagined. We all, even in a physical body, exist everywhere concurrently. Here can be no duality implied movement between two points, only a movement of conscious awareness in the context of Infinity.

A sense of being somewhere only differs in accordance with the point within the infinity of universal mind that conscious awareness is focused in the present moment of now, in accordance with the belief filters applied by the subconscious mind. In terms of physical experience, each person as an individual point of conscious within universal mind may choose to place a different interpretation upon the same subjective sensory inputs from their own perspective. So, when one person describes a car, another may perceive something completely different although both may agree, at a physical, temporal level of observation, and in accordance with their respective subconscious filters, that it is still a car.

The same applies to colors. If you show someone a blue object they may recognize it as what you may refer to as yellow, but because both observers consistently recognize the Energy being observed by their respective colors, it is always a constant. Both observers are always correct

So again, when you ask someone to look at something, although they will see something, there is no way of knowing whether what they see is actually the same as what you see because there is no real point of reference. Instead, you simply accept what you see as fact and agree that, regardless of how you choose to see that object after it has been processed through layers of subconscious filters, it nevertheless represents the same thing which you can both agree on – actually you are one mind at a deeper level anyway. Conscious spheres of mind principle can relate to and understand in accordance with individual and shared perceptions, conscious beliefs and biases. Again, as everything is subjective, nothing is real all observers are correct. All that is universal mind principle comprises an infinite field of consciousness, vibrating energy with limitless potential, perpetually subjectively experiencing itself through infinite fragments or integral aspects of its self.

Life is an illusion as well as death. It is configuration of energy. How? We may further discuss in our next post.