Recognize The Reality (Part 8)

The very nature of matter itself from which the brain, through the five sensory organs, compiles its initial best guess composite image, is, in reality totally transient in nature, only having any form of perceived but not real existence at the moment at which it is observed or an attempt is made to quantify it. The real paradox here then is that it is the Subconscious mind that actually makes an observation under the instructions of the Conscious Mind. So, when you look at something, the Conscious mind is simply telling the Subconscious mind to observe it.

However, it is only when the Subconscious mind actually does this that the object actually becomes observable, thus originating the whole process of sensory observation, interpretation, filtration and presentation in the first place. So it is the Subconscious mind that creates the object, processes the object and presents the object back to the Conscious mind as what it expected to see.

This entire process is completely under the control of the Conscious mind which is, therefore, perpetually generating its own experience, which in fact never really exists except as a perceived experience which the Conscious mind believes is real. So, we can now clearly see that these factors together perpetuate an experience that is an illusion loop, the nature of which is determined by Conscious mind itself. Now let us look at graphical anecdotal evidence of this.

When the Spanish first approached what is now known as Central America, the natives were looking out over the sea and became very confused when all they could see was large bow-waves as if something was moving through and displacing large volumes of water. This was caused, of course, by the large Spanish ships. But the natives could not actually see the ships. All they could see was a clear horizon over the water except for these large bow waves without any apparent cause.

Why was this? Well quite simply because the ships were at that moment outside of the sphere of comprehension, imagination and experience of the natives, simply because they had no point of reference point for what a ship could look like either personally or collectively upon the mental frequency of human mind that they shared.

The sensory inputs were still arriving at the brain of the natives, which duly forwarded the composite image to the subconscious mind, but the subconscious mind had no available filters to apply, reference points or images from its available personal and collective library of data, so there was nothing to forward to the conscious mind of the natives. Actually the subconscious mind never makes decisions, so it forwarded the best picture it could to the conscious mind of the natives, but it was of course blank.

So were the Spanish ships real or not? Well the short answer is the ships were very real to the Spanish sailors traveling on board them, but totally unreal to the natives. Who was correct then – the Spanish or the Natives? They both were. Any thing is only real at the moment it is observed, but even then only to the extent that the observer or collective observers encompassed the object within the sphere of experience at both personal and collective Mind.

The subconscious mind had nothing to observe, the organic brain saw nothing to observe, sent nothing to observe back to the Subconscious mind which finally sent the nothing to observe to the conscious mind of the natives who accordingly saw nothing. What this anecdote does demonstrate, therefore, is that matter is entirely subjective in nature, never objective, has no fundamental basis whatsoever in reality, appearing only according to the ability of the conscious mind to comprehend it and subconscious mind to process it.

This is also why humans fail to see the vast majority of UFO’s, even though they are out there in the skies very often. Most people who do see UFO’s do so from a very relaxed, trance-like state, where normal perception is bypassing the usual narrow focus of the conscious mind, the perception of the UFO directly reaching the Subconscious mind which direct access perception during states of consciousness expanded beyond the normal conscious sphere of activity.

This is also the basis of many Metaphysical abilities such as for example Telekinesis, i.e. moving objects using the power of the Mind alone. In reality there is no object – we know that from our previous discussion – so success in moving an objects is determined by the extent to which the practitioner can overcome his or her own programming as to the nature of objects they wish to move. You can only move objects if you believe you can move them as opposed to being influenced by what you have previously been taught or programmed to believe, and experienced from the moment of birth.

Again though – if you succeeded, you have not actually moved a physical object, what you have succeeded in doing is moving your own perception and perspective of the object, in other words you have convinced your subconscious mind of an alternative possibility, which it then brings to your conscious awareness.

When you have onlookers to your Telekinesis, you not only need to overcome the fear of failure and looking foolish in front of friends and relatives, but also your mind power needs to be such as to enable the subconscious minds of your audience – which is focused in the same sphere of your own subconscious mind – all being one and connected, to participate in the experience.

Spoon bending is another excellent example of this. Those of you who have seen the first Matrix movie will have probably watched as Neo visiting the Oracle for the first time, where upon entering the home he saw children practicing levitating toy bricks. He also saw a young boy who was apparently bending a spoon with his Mind and causing it to generally move around as if very soft. When Neo asked the boy how he bends the spoon, the boy replied “there is no spoon”. He then went on to add, after seeing Neo’s confusion: “The spoon does not bend, it is you that bends”. He emphasized over the words to that effect. And this is absolutely true. If you wish to bend that thought form that your conscious mind believes to be a spoon- then you must know, beyond any doubt, that there is no spoon, and that you are really bending energy as a thought form presenting itself as a spoon, which in turn is an aspect and extension of your own sphere of consciousness. Neo, once seeing this for himself, proceeded to bend the spoon as the boy did.

Now the irony of this paradox is apparent to you by this stage. Plain and simple – what humans regard as experience and real is in effect illusion upon illusion, upon illusion, each believing the other to be real, thereby continually reinforcing and perpetuating what I refer to as illusion loop, ultimately giving rise to the “Matrix-like” environment that most humans regard as real or as life in this world, just as the residents of the Matrix did in the movie. There is no real difference which is one reason the Matrix is such an excellent metaphor.

It is no coincidence that the most popular three series of movies of all time, are also the three that contain the most lessons, only apparent to those who perceive them. Children are highly perceptive, even when they get older, and very often understand these lessons when their parents saw only an entertaining story line. Profound teachings and revelations are entering the sphere of human consciousness from many different sources in recent years, in preparation of the coming transition.

In order to become empowered and potentially enlightened, every aspirant must use the power of the mind, backed by knowledge and truth, to break the loop, empty the subconscious mind of all learned barriers, and to consciously apply the full power of the mind through universal mind, and as source mind – whose infinite power flows through each of us to the extent we facilitate it, towards any desired objective, even while focused in the material world, and even while knowing that the material is still not real in absolute terms.

Generally, we control our experience through the Mind. Today, in most people, the Mind is controlled through the experience. In practice, some people may find that it is easier to remove these illusions layer by layer until the experience is as pure as it can be in this environment. Others may choose to totally remove all false programming, and open up their mind to their own true, infinite, unlimited, unrestricted spiritual nature as an expression of the supreme source mind. This is also attainable by many people.

So, to summarize this aspect of life experience – that which humans regard as their life, experience, situation, or other description, is really infinitely dynamic and fluid, constantly being shaped by mind, consciousness, ego – based upon the inclusive nature of thoughts, feelings, emotions, learned and programmed beliefs, expectations and so on, together generating your present experience within the only present moment of now.

Now this can be perceived as positive or negative depending upon your own perspective. The positive is that with this knowledge comes the power to consciously determine your own Experience. An aspect of the enlightenment that every humans strive for and are here to achieve, is to fully consciously evolve beyond the sphere of influence of conscious mind, to access subconscious mind and our true divine Nature directly, and to assimilate an infinitely greater aspect of universal mind and source mind in your experience.

An enlightened person is fully self and universal source mind realized, knowing and experiencing life in its true nature, no longer at the mercy of the feeble conscious mind sensory illusions and organic brain that were so an integral an necessary to your path towards enlightenment. Without consciously prevailing over your circumstances through the universal power of mind, you would have no reference point for empowerment, freedom and enlightenment.

Once a human achieves and maintains this level of enlightenment within the context of a physical body, all of the trappings and dramas of the illusion loop of the material Universe become utterly meaningless, as does the Astral environment for fundamentally the same reasons. An enlightened person only wishes to experience their true infinite, unlimited, unrestricted, divine nature and potential, the physical world no longer serving any useful purpose, except as through which to provide service in showing others the way to self-empowerment, freedom and enlightenment.

Service is a fundamental within all spheres of the Universe, the higher/inner always being a guiding Light to the lower/outer on the great Divine path which, everyone, without exception treads. Selfishness in all its forms is a uniquely physical human trait of the material world.

To proceed further we should have a very brief look not at “things” or “objects” but of the collective experiences that humans call “events”. That we may discuss in our next post.