Recognize The Reality (Part 7)

As we understand that the future, to the extent that it exists at all relative to the temporal space-time experience, exists only as quantum potential – possibilities that can only become subjective experience through the process of observation in the present and only Moment of Now, what people think of as the future, exists only as Energy with Infinite Potential. For telling someone about his future, we frame ideas only.

What are the ideas? Ideas do not originate in the organic human brain – in fact they do not even originate within the human sphere of Mind. Ideas arrive directly to Subconscious Mind, which acts as a receiver in the same way as a TV for example, from the mental causal plane corresponding with the range of energy frequency corresponding with the collective human mind at any level of evolution, in accordance with the capacity for that idea to be received.

The idea originating within the mental plane of ideas is first transmitted first to the subconscious sphere of mind in accordance with the nature, in other words vibration of thoughts originating from the conscious sphere of mind activity. This conscious mind activity is transmitted to the subconscious mind which in turn creates a thought form corresponding to the nature of the thought. This thought form then attract ideas of the same unique vibratory and energy form structure from the human mental plane, of ideas, shared by all humans of similar level of mind evolution.

The subconscious mind then as usual applies all the filters it has previously received from the conscious sphere of mind as previously discussed, and then on to the conscious sphere of mind itself which accepts the “idea” in accordance with its current mental capacity, biases, beliefs etc to do so. The idea is then received as a modified thought form in the same way as an image originating from the sensory inputs of the physical senses and accepted as original. But again, as with all subjective experience, the very nature of the original, pure, undiluted idea is filtered, biased and skewed in accordance with the specific beliefs, expectations, hopes and so on of the conscious mind. So, for example, a very religious person might think about metaphysical concepts, but will invariably reject them as being outside their belief system.

Human beings can and do therefore actually originate thought forms, but cannot originate unique ideas. Humans can only receive ideas from the plane of ideas which they can tune in to, in accordance with their mental capacity to do so. If the ego mind cannot conceive of, or believe in a level or quality of idea, then it will simply reject it as wrong, nonsense even heresy, instead choosing only to accept whatever it chooses to believe – again in the case of religion for example.

Of course, beliefs extend to every sphere of experience including for example about money, relationships, social status, but these are always learned or programmed. A baby is a blank canvas, never arriving in the world with anything painted on his or her new conscious sphere of mind. A baby is a Spiritual marvel of consciousnesses – such a perfect, wonderful Being – with the latent capacity to achieve anything without limitation – a baby inherently knows no limitations, even having the latent capacity to access to all knowledge without ever having to attend the human creation of school.

Babies are born with a very high brainwave frequency and accordingly expanded sphere of consciousness so they have the potential and capacity to absorb and learn a vast amount of information, very rapidly – this is a survival measure, to get the child up to speed very quickly. The imaginary friends of the child are very real, but the parents cannot perceive and therefore accept them as real, so the child is told to quit imagining things.

From the very outset, well-meaning and genuinely loving parents present their child with all sorts of fluffy, tactile and sometimes noisy toys, thus reinforcing the concept of material things almost from birth – often toy versions of adult material possessions. As a child becomes older, brainwaves slow down, as does natural conscious sphere of perception, and with it capacity and speed of learning and experiencing.

As it is – parents, as soon as their child can understand, commence the indoctrination of the child in to the ways of the world, imprinting the child with their own religion, prejudices and of course station in life, and by the age of 7- 10 at the most, the child has thus been heavily programmed, true Spiritual connections buried under many layers of material beliefs, and, unless, like Neo in the Matrix the child can break that programming using their own Mind Power, will and Spiritual connections, the child will be running on that childhood program as a basis for the remainder of their physical experience, thereby constantly creating their own life experience around that model which is accepted as an adequate representation of reality, whether the experience happens to be pleasant or unpleasant.

The overwhelming number of children therefore experience the current model of life which may be summarized as – birth, nursery, kindergarten, school, university, work, money, a few days off each year for weekends and holidays, vacations, retire after 50 or 60 years of labor, endeavor to get by on a pension, lose interest, degenerate and finally die. This may seem cynical, and of course this is a typical model which may vary in the details, but most people who are honest would have to admit that it is them.

Is this really what the Supreme Intelligence behind All that Is, really intended for humans? Is this even what Higher Self really expected of its representative? So concluding the subject of ideas – an idea, in and of itself, is always pure, always true and always complete, because the sphere in which it originated is in and of itself pure, perfect and uncorrupted.

Only the conscious, ego mind can and invariably does corrupt a pure idea based upon the ongoing biases, impressions and beliefs it impresses on to the sphere of the Subconscious Mind in accordance with how it perceives its own experience. This is why humans have such a propensity to reject the ideas of others.

Getting back to the physical existence, which, after all you will be mostly interested as a physically focused human being, it is clear then that there are three fundamental factors that can and should consider in the context of your experience or concept of reality.

1. The limitations of the organic human body, including sense organs – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch – and the organic brain, which has no inherent intelligence, consciousness or capacity to either originate or receive thought.

2. The Personal Conscious Mind – the Ego – continually impresses the immutable and immensely, indeed infinitely powerful Subconscious Mind with deeply rooted and learned beliefs, expectations, biases, prejudices and so on, arising from programming of parents, society, and later greatest influence of all – the popular media, including, but not limited to news papers, TV, films/movies, and their corresponding websites. The Subconscious Mind then applies those experience filters to the composite image received from the organic brain, and then presents the Conscious Mind with a corresponding experience that it can accept as real, being consistent with its sphere of expectations and current experience. The frequent human propensity of rejecting potentially positive experiences as being too good to be true epitomizes self imposed restrictions all too well.

3. The very nature of matter itself from which the brain, through the five sensory organs, compiles its initial best guess composite image, is, in reality totally transient in nature, only having any form of perceived but not real existence at the moment at which it is observed or an attempt is made to quantify it. The real paradox here then is that it is the Subconscious Mind that actually makes an observation under the instructions of the Conscious Mind. So when you look at something, the Conscious Mind is simply telling the Subconscious Mind to observe it.

However, it is only when the Subconscious Mind actually does this that the object actually becomes observable, thus originating the whole process of sensory observation, interpretation, filtration and presentation in the first place. So it is the Subconscious Mind that creates the object, processes the object and presents the object back to the Conscious Mind as what it expected to see.

This entire process is completely under the control of the Conscious Mind which is, therefore, perpetually generating its own experience, which in fact never really exists except as a perceived experience which the Conscious Mind believes is real. So, we can now clearly see that these factors together perpetuate an experience that is an illusion loop, the nature of which is determined by Conscious Mind itself. We would like to look at graphical anecdotal evidence of this in our next post.