Recognize The Reality (Part 6)

In the Astral the more a “person” or “people” – duality is still accepted accordingly experienced there as on Earth, interact with any such created experience or locale, the more persistent it will become. Most thought forms are completely transient in nature, arising from fleeting thoughts. But when attention and focus is applied and fueled by emotions and intent, the thought form becomes less transient and, therefore, more persistent in nature to the extent we can refer to duality based persistence in a timeless, spaceless, environment.

Everyone in the Astral Spheres – the afterlife – believes in exactly the same material form and function they were so used to, and often indeed addicted to and dependent on while living on Earth. So when people pass-on and duly arrive in their new Astral environment, often welcomed by various generations of previously deceased relatives, where they can experience anything they can possibly imagine and comprehend, they believe that all their proverbial Christmas’s have come at once- like a kid in a candy store.

After the novelty wears off somewhat, they might experiment by creating a more enduring environment or experience that they feel most comfortable with, but always within the context of the collective environment upon the energy vibratory frequency of the Astral Plane in which they are focused in that moment. This propensity for Astral residents to re-create familiar Earth environments is the main reason why most recently deceased people immediately notice that the afterlife looks and feels remarkably familiar – so much so in fact that very often newly transitioned people do not even realize and believe they have died and passed on at all, especially in cases of sudden, violent and unexpected death due for example to trauma or accident. These newly arrived residents consequently need to be convinced by other residents that they are in fact no longer in fact living on Earth – a process followed by a thorough debriefing that can be quite extensive.

This is reinforced by the fact that the very nature of their own beliefs and expectations has taken the newly deceased person to a sphere of astral vibratory frequency of very similar characteristics to their just departed Earth life, and accordingly populated by people with a very similar mindset and beliefs. This is one reason why the afterlife is so harmonious compared to Earth. On Earth, every type of personality, character trait, beliefs, Evolutionary level and so on live within the same environment – a major reason for human conflict.

It is also believed that there is not just one Astral Plane – there is a potentially infinite number of these planes, all very slightly out of phase with each other, corresponding to every human character trait, belief, culture, history and so on. As humans on Earth advance technologically and people pass on from these experiences, new spheres of Energy are created by the minds of these people based upon Earth experience. So everyone making the transition feels immediately at home.

But amazing though the infinite possibilities of the Astral spheres seem to be, where all desires are realized instantly, this is also a trap in many respects, because once the people there become so used to, and often infatuated with this Utopian world, experiencing anything they have ever desired on Earth, instantly, without the need for money or work or government any other condition or restriction, then the novelty can so totally consume the mind and consciousness of the person, that it prevents them from evolving and progressing. They become lost in their own illusion or delusion.

Ultimately of course all free themselves of a persistent experience, often with the help of others, realize how frivolous the experience really is. Wishing for a more real and fulfilling experience, vibratory frequency increases, and automatic transition to a higher – actually inner – plane of energy with a the correspondingly higher vibratory frequencies and energy thought form characteristics. The person then needs to reconcile the experience of this Energy Frequency through the process of realization so they can move on again. This eternal phasing out of one energy frequency and on to the next may be likened to infinite deaths and rebirths, of which Earth is the first.

Of course, the afterlife generally seems much more solid, real and vibrant than Earth ever did, or could, due to the much higher, finer vibration of Astral Energy Frequency, with a spectrum of colors and sounds way beyond physical human comprehension, experienced without the extremely crude but necessary Earthly organic apparatus of the five physical senses operating through the mechanical organic brain.

Comparing the experience of the Astral Spheres with Earth can be likened to the difference between watching a new movie filmed in high definition on a very old tube based TV with its low, curved, flickery, pixilated, blocky image screen, and a modern high definition flat screen TV.

To people in the Astral, and increasingly so as they progress inwards, visiting or viewing Earth – the Earth plane seems like a horribly dull, dreary, misty sort of environment, visiting which is as like wading through a muddy swamp in dense fog and drizzle. They also fully perceive the thoughts, feelings and emotions originating from the collective people on Earth, which, to them, is like experiencing their worst nightmare. This anomaly will be fully corrected as Earth completes the Vibratory Transition.

Increasing frequencies provide for increasingly higher, finer, more detailed and defined and refined resolution and clarity. And so it is as we travel inwards beyond Earth and the physical, material Universe of matter. The further from the physical Universe and the nearer to Source, the higher the resolution is the Experience, and therefore the more vibrant, vivid, solid and indeed real it seems, albeit far beyond the old paradigm of form, with an ever increasing range and spectrum of sounds, colors and other experiences.

This is all due to the greater overall potential that increasing vibration of energy facilitates – the higher the Frequency, the more can be resolved by the Mind at the same frequency, with the now complete Mind Sphere – Conscious and Subconscious Spheres now functioning as One Consciousness, decoding Energy, Thought Forms directly.

Even in our human form we can bypass the organic senses and brain through an expansion of consciousness which may be invoked through a lowering of brainwave frequencies, to both create and decode these thought forms directly. Note that lowering brainwave frequencies provides perception and assimilation of higher vibratory frequencies of energy. Brainwave frequencies and energy body frequencies are not related and should not be confused with each other.

This is the process that facilitates the experiences generically known as psychic experiences, including, but not limited to clairvoyance, remote viewing, meditation related experiences really are.

Dreams also originate within the non-physical sphere of the Mind, never the organic brain. Clairvoyance is actually the viewing or more accurately perceiving of events – either on Earth or even the Etheric or Astral – but directly through the Mind – bypassing the influence physical senses and organic brain altogether. I would like to mention in the context of “psychics” that it is absolutely impossible to tell the future; absolutely, it cannot be done.

The future, to the extent that it exists at all relative to the temporal space-time experience, exists only as quantum potential – possibilities that can only become subjective experience through the process of observation in the present and only Moment of Now. So what people think of as the future, exists only as Energy with Infinite Potential.

For telling someone about his future, we frame ideas only. What are the ideas? We may discuss it in our next post.