Recognize The Reality (Part 5)

Everything you see around you – your PC, desk, chairs, drink, food – everything you almost certainly consider to be composed of material of some kind – exists only because your physical senses, organic brain and Conscious Ego Mind say these things exists and have substance and basis in fact. But whether they do exist or not, is the question of the matter. What is the matter?

Let’s consider. If we ask this question, “What is the matter?” to someone, simply it would be replied, “Molecules and atoms”. But what do molecules and atoms consist of? If you know much about physics, you might reply “sub-atomic particles”. You may even mention protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, leptons and so on. But here is the paradox.

None of these sub-atomic particles and their derivatives actually really exists, in other words can be perceived, unless a conscious attempt is made to observe or measure, i.e. quantify or qualify them in some way. Quantum Physicists know this paradox all too well as the “measurement paradox”.

Since these sub-atomic particles are the basic components of matter, the same apparent paradox must equally apply to the larger derivatives the same particles – elementary atoms, molecules and ultimately the chemical and organic compounds that form physical substance of matter, and from which everything you “possess” in your daily life is “manufactured”.

An even greater apparent paradox then is that as physical humans experience within the context of an organic body, comprised of these same organic materials with its “organs”, blood, bone and other life supporting systems – these too must also be ultimately composed of the same atomic and sub-atomic material as your surroundings, and therefore it follows that your body is subject to exactly the same characteristics and paradoxes.

So do these building blocks of matter have any existence or basis in fact at all, if, as certainly appears to be the case, they only “appear” or more specifically are only perceivable, to be qualified and quantifiable during the process of deliberate observation? Clearly, when an organic chemist is combining chemicals to produce a chemical reaction, or creating complex organic molecules from basic carbon, hydrogen based building blocks, the whole process must be carefully controlled measured, monitored, qualified, quantified and documented in order to record the observed result of the process.

If the elementary atoms form the basis of molecules which in turn form the basis of the material compounds used to manufacture products, then the only conclusion that we can possibly arrive at if we are totally objective about it, is that every thing that humans currently perceive as materially real, only exist because someone chose to subscribe, or opt-in to its very existence through the process of observation, supported by past experience and belief in its reality. In other words, the sense of material reality is an entirely programmed, i.e. learned response, arising from previous expectations, experience, and beliefs – as well as many other factors that are deeply embedded in Sub-consciousness. This clearly adds a further level of factors to consider in the context of what is “real”.

So, let us now review which we already know about the role of the sense organs and organic brain in perceiving our environment. Millions of sensory inputs per second from the five organic sense organs are fed to the organic brain, which mechanically, without any sort of inherent intelligence, collates these electrical impulses to produce a composite image or more accurately impression, as a best guess scenario in accordance with quality of the information received. If the brain is damaged in some way, through physical, trauma, condition such as an apoplexy or vascular incident, or through toxicity of some kind, then its capacity to mechanically process the data presented by the five physical senses is compromised, along with its ability to assemble an accurate impression of its relationship with its environment to forward to the Subconscious Mind.

As the computer programming saying goes “garbage in, garbage out”, so the data sent for the attention of Subconscious Mind, which is infinitely intelligent but can only act upon what it receives or perceives, is “scrambled”, along with any necessary output processes such as “speech”, motion, recognition and so on. The Mind is still intact as is consciousness and intelligence, but as with a computer – if a circuit board becomes faulty, the data being output – if it is still functional – cannot be relied upon or may even present a totally erroneous output. The organic brain is therefore analogous a super-computer, which sends a stream of data to the Subconscious Mind in the form of composite images or impressions. The Subconscious Mind then in accordance with ongoing thoughts feelings, emotions, beliefs, prejudices, expectations and other learned and programmed data originating within the Conscious Sphere of Mind activity, re-processes the data before outputting the data to be displayed on the screen of the Conscious Mind, which people then call their experience, sense of being, spatial awareness – ultimately life.

Ultimately, however, it is the Conscious Sphere of Mind – the Ego – which both determines and accepts the nature of its own experience, so it is in fact self-perpetuating illusion, which becomes more interesting. When mentally disabled people die, even those with most profound brain damage, they are freed from the layer of processing performed by the organic brain to experience Mind directly, and they feel whole once again, with as much mental ability as anyone, as if they were never subjected to the perceived limitations arising from the brain.

Mentally disabled people are not actually mentally disabled at all – they are brain disabled. Such people experience perfectly normal dreams as everyone else, simply because dreams originate within the sphere of the Subconscious Mind and experienced by the Conscious Mind, not at some notional point in the organic brain. Lengthening or slowing of brainwave activity, as takes place during deep relaxation, day dreaming, meditation, trance and sleep, facilitates an expansion of consciousness and awareness, beyond the narrow confines imposed by waking brainwave activity. This is also the basis of what are known as mystical, metaphysical, or even “occult” abilities, even though these abilities are completely natural. Most at this time remain unaware of them, unlike our ancient ancestors, native tribes, and of course dedicated practitioners of these abilities.

Moving on with the process of perceiving experience – the composite image from the organic brain is presented to the Subconscious Sphere of Mind, which then applies a set of learned filters based upon the acquired beliefs, expectations, intentions and all those other learned and programmed feelings, beliefs, thoughts, prejudices, expectations, reinforced by the emotions, from the Sphere of the Conscious Mind – this is a continual process – before forwarding it to the Conscious Mind as the completed image, with all expected beliefs, biases, expectations reflected and fully factored in, which the Conscious Mind, the Ego, happily accepts as experience in that moment.

In fact the experience has been skewed by the Subconscious Mind to make it acceptable to the Ego, otherwise the Ego would reject summarily reject, or at least disregard it, otherwise the person would rapidly become confused, disoriented and perhaps psychotic, and would soon be unable to function at all within their environment. Again, the Conscious Mind never, ever thinks to question the image presented, because the Subconscious Mind has ensured that it is already in complete alignment with its ongoing thought learned and programmed expectations. So the Conscious Mind, the Ego, remains happy and feels secure within its own microcosm of experience.

But the crucial factor to consider here is that in the case of most people, who have no conscious mind power over their own experience, the conscious mind is perpetually subscribing to its own illusion that the subconscious mind always satisfies. So from the perspective of the person, their experience is always correct and real, regardless of whether it is perceived as good, bad or indifferent.

If, as sometimes happens, the conscious mind does choose to reject the images presented to it by the Subconscious Mind, based upon the composite image received from the brain and sensory organs, the person generally regards it as an illusion. This applies to all levels of human experience, from the personal to the collective, since all mind is ultimately one and, therefore, intimately connected and inclusive with each other at all levels, and with all that is within universal mind.

Therefore, total experience from the perspective of each person, is a function of both Personal Subjective Experience and the Collective of all Personal Subjective Human Experience within the same Sphere of Consciousness, independent of time or “history”. Therefore, if one person chooses to subscribe to the existence of a particular object, person or experience, regardless of distance or time which do not exist, even as illusion, within the sphere of the sub-conscious mind where the object is originally perceived, then the same data relating to the object is instantly also available to the whole collective human mind on the same vibratory frequency, to subscribe to at will. Actually, this collective human experience is perpetually present at a sub-conscious level, so the sub-conscious mind determines what to allow or reject based upon the sphere of comprehension, imagination and programming of the personality, the Ego.

No human is capable of experiencing or perceiving anything beyond their current sphere of imagination, comprehension or programming, because their Subconscious Mind is not resonating on the same frequency of the collective mental plane in which they are focused in accordance with their own relative state of evolution. I mention this to pre-empt any objection that people are frequently aware of the existence of lots of things before actually physically seeing or experiencing them.

For example, a shopping trip where you may visit a shopping mall to look for things of the sort that you may wish to purchase, but which you have never seen or perhaps considered before in the case of an impulse buy – certainly not down to fine details. Another example is taking a vacation to a foreign country that you have never visited before, to see and experience the sights that are completely new.

In both cases – the products in the shopping mall or the sights in the foreign country are only available to your sphere of conscious awareness during the process of experience and observation, because they are the persistent thought forms due to the observations, experience and programming of millions or billions of other people throughout history – again time not applicable in the realm of Sub-consciousness.

Towns and cities for example are shared, collective experiences, simply because the conscious minds of thousands or millions of people subscribe to and interact with them continually, as has been the case in the past, and therefore choose to interact with them every day as normal within the sphere of their own comprehension, imagination and programmed beliefs and expectations as they relate to that environment. In this way, the shared experience is perpetually perpetuated to the collective, shared sphere of the human mind on the corresponding vibratory sphere of the mental plane that anyone at the same mental vibratory frequency also may choose to subscribe to at a Subconscious level, even if they have never seen them before, and which is accepted by the conscious ego mind as normal within their own sphere of normality.

Again – this is so due to the fact that personal mind and collective mind as well as the conscious and subconscious aspects, are really One, simply being spheres of activity within the overall context of universal mind, and can therefore share and experience either at a Personal or Collective but always subjective level. Due to the comparatively low Vibration of matter and the intervention of the concept of time, these collective experiences – towns, cities etc – can persist for many millions of years – long after they have been lost and forgotten at a conscious level by the peoples that originally built them. This is so simply because these structures or remains are still part of the fabric of the collective human subconscious experience which is known to the subconscious sphere of mind. The subconscious mind, which is not subject to time or space, retains all knowledge of all human history, which it will render conscious as appropriate.

This for example is the basis of remote viewing. Remote viewing implies overcoming time and space view or more accurately sense objects or events which are non-local, and/or non-temporal, but in fact to the subconscious sphere of mind locality and temporality are not relevant, All exists now. Now is the only Moment there Is, regardless of what human clocks and calendars or history books contrive to report. As an example that can be tested, we can take a look at the sphere of experience after the much dreaded change known as “death”.

In the next vibratory sphere of human experience, for most people the Astral Spheres – or the “Afterlife”- which exist at a much higher vibratory Frequency of energy, beyond the concept and illusions of space and time relative to Earth, experience is much more transient, fluid and dynamic in nature than in the much lower Earth Vibratory Frequency of the temporal “time-space” and matter dependent environment of Earth. No atomic or other particles exist in the Astral, or are necessary to the environment. The astral vibratory spheres of experience, of which there are potentially infinite, the environment comprises of Thought Forms of Energy which are decoded directly. If a person in the Astral chooses to experience something, or believe or fear they are in the presence of something, whatever they wish to experience, believe in or fear will manifest and be experienced instantly at the speed of thought.

When the person becomes bored and ceases to focus on that particular thing, the thing – a transient energy thought form – instantly dissipates back to native Energy potential where it may coalesce to become another thought form under the influence of mind in its infinite states. So, in the “Afterlife” of the Astral, the processes we have been discussing relative to the material world, may be actually experienced and thereby proven instantly, thereby providing personal experience and evidence of these immutable principles which apply to all spheres of vibratory frequencies with the all of universal mind.

We may discuss further regarding astral spheres in our next post. In the meanwhile, we may give a thought on the above and continue to recognize the reality.