Relationship between Grandparents and Grandchildren

Relationship between Grandparents and Grandchildren :

Bonding With Your Grandchildren: A Grandparent’s Guide To Building Better Relationship.

What do your grandchildren think about you? They are flesh and blood, yet sometimes they do not share common ground. Do you think you share their heart? The assumption when it comes to relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren is that it just happens – may happen or may not. There is no doubt that kids entering their teen years become more increasingly independent. They start to believe they can handle things on their own. Parents start to worry they are losing affection from their kids and vice versa. And it’s all even harder for the grandparents.

Unlike parents, grandparents don’t often see their grandchildren. Most don’t have the pleasure of watching them grow from a tiny baby to an adult. But there is a special bond between them. They give each other different perspectives. Younger generation can give new ideas, while grandparents who have already gathered tons of experience may shed light to things. They play important role in each other’s life. And believe it or not, sometimes grandparents relate more to grandkids.

Building Bond is A Little Tricky

For new grandparents, set boundaries and make your role known. Start creating loving relationship at a young age by learning about their interests, what excites them and ticks them off. Be silly and make fun memories together. Don’t forget your sense of humor. Try to joke. Teach them to laugh. Most importantly, teach valuable life lessons.

But then again, living away from grandchildren often leads to strained relations. Don’t let miles get in the way of building better relationship. Try reaching out to them through phone calls or emails. Better yet, send them cards! See them during holidays, their birthday, or even on a normal day. Make them feel special. In that way they will not feel abandoned or ignored. The key here is consistency. The more you stay connected with them, the likely they will miss and want you.

Like parents, grandparents get frustrated with grandchildren too. Make sure that no matter how angry you are, do not yell or curse at them. Do not go as far as disowning them. Instead, re-establish rules and remind them of moral values.

Grandchildren have reasons for pulling back. It’s true that when kids are small, grandparents were the best creatures in the world. They are the ultimate support system and always there to spoil. But when kids become teenagers, don’t take it personally when they start to distance for a while. Give them the space they need but still stay in touch.

Technology may not be a thing for grandparents, however learning how to use them serve beneficial in building bond. Learn how to use the social media they are in. Having an account in Facebook can be a good start. They will probably think it is a bad idea, but at least they will know that you’re trying to stay connected…and remember not to accidentally add all of their friends.

Ways That Undermine Bond

Communication problem weakens bond and needs to be resolved. The lack of communication can be so frustrating. The grandparent might think that the grandchild is purposely disobedient. If not fixed early, it could cause tension. It may also end up with kids acting a bit off towards the grandparent. Then eventually they will decide to avoid everything.

A change in approach could make things more pleasant. Do not choke them with grueling words and be further perceptive to their level of interest in engaging and conversation. Choose a time and place to talk. Figure out how your relationship got off the rails. Try to understand why they are feeling that way. Demonstrate a soft, caring attitude. Sooner or later they will match up your pace.

Talking about great experiences can also change relationship so much. Stress the importance of having someone to talk to in the family. No matter how distant kids may seem, there is a part inside them that is eager to listen. Developing communication is important so you can understand the things of interest to them. You can easily communicate feelings that are often hard to grasp. Then maybe you can encourage them to pursue something they excel in or you can do activities together.

Acceptance really wins teenagers’ heart. Be willing to give unconditional love. You’ll be joyful and well up with tears by how strong your relationship is evident in ways more than just gift-giving. Grandkids will feel more grateful for equal and unconditional love.

Finally, addressing discord immediately when it happens is the most important step to prevent a situation in which grandchildren have grown accustomed without their grandparents. Consider amending family rifts and disagreement with parents before they become potential situation for you and your grandchildren to separate.  


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Relationship between Grandparents and Grandchildren

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Relationship between Grandparents and Grandchildren

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