Remain Motivated (Part 2)

On 6 March 2009, I had made some suggestions on motivation. Once again, that topic draws my attention when I saw some of my friends are still under depression. Actually, motivation starts with you! None else may come forward to motivate you. What is his interest if he does not have relation with you? My mother used to always tell me, knowledge is power; it should not just reside in closed books. Please ensure to help, give it to people. I endeavor to do so.

If you aspire to be more successful in life, your attitude towards yourself and others will play a huge role. Positive people learn how to handle life’s challenges differently and use these opportunities to grow. So can you!

Everyone wants a better life and if you are constantly working on self improvement, you will develop more self-confidence, better self-esteem and greater internal motivation to be the best. When you learn the secrets of teamwork and leadership, interpersonal communication skills and service, you can apply them to all aspects of your daily life.

It’s common, that lot of people try to tell to their close friends/relatives about how miserable their life is. They repeat their endless stories of strained married relationship, relationship with colleagues and boss, not happy with academic progress, job or salaries, happiness in day today life affairs.

Once you express your sympathy, their prominent question would always be
When do the good things start in their life?

Whenever I got this question from any of my friends, I asked him/her to find the answers at his/her end. Because if it is explored what is the root cause of the dissatisfaction, it would be easy to treat the illness.

You may differ on my expressions. But it’s always been my way to speak out the truth no matter what.

In my childhood, I used to play cricket. Cricket was one of my favourite sports. I observed that one of the bowlers called “Smith” from other school was always able to take my wicket in his first 3 balls.

Next time I decided, what come may, I will not get bowled on his bowling. To my despair, I was again bowled by him on the very first bowl. He started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked him.

YOU ARE!” was the answer. “I just wanted to see how many times I could do the same thing and you would respond the same way.”

Most of us are like that.

If you put a mouse in a maze with cheese at the end, the mouse will run the maze for the cheese. But if you take the cheese away, the behaviour will “extinguish” and eventually the mouse will stop running the maze.

They did an experiment in a local university. The psychology department built a maze in the bottom of the building for students to run. They put money at the end of the maze and since college students always want money, they would run the maze.

But here’s the interesting part, when the experiment was over and they took the money away. Students never stopped running the maze.

In fact, they caught students breaking into the psychology building at night to run the maze hoping to find the money.

It was EASY to get a MOUSE to change behavior.

It was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get a HUMAN to change behavior.And that’s where I express myself.

I have been putting up the notes on many subjects to ensure that most of us will now focus with a different way to look at life, attitude, behaviour, anger, change, success, happiness, progress and many more. Because according to our subconscious mind, which is extremely powerful, we get what we focus on. Though I could not get sufficient replies, I am not tired and have determined to do it with the hope if someone may take some benefits out of my experience.

I remember “Pintoo”, who was selling good stuff along with tea near our railway station was doing roaring business. Many of us used to order from his hotel. Also many of his customers were happy.

But soon, new big hotels with good ambience having many waiters to ensure cleanliness and provide faster services for the variety of food items started near his small hotel. Slowly the customers went with the big guys who gave them a better deal. Pintoo realized the competition and less business. He just kept “running the maze” doing what he had always done. It didn’t work. He never changed.

Very soon, Pintoo realized and closed his hotel permanently. He was right. He had programmed his subconscious mind to get less business and sooner to close the hotel.
So now, let us answer the question.

“When do the good things start?”

As soon as we are ready to change our mind.

It’s not easy. And that’s why people recommend reading success stories, inspirational, motivational material. Improve our positive attitude. Parents ask us to keep a company of good friends.

Tons of material is readily available for you in the market. However it is not a fast-food corner that you pay money and read the books, listen to audio CD’s, watch the programs or attend two day seminar or costly training programmes and get permanently change yourself and subsequently outlook towards your life and become happy.

Moreover, it is extremely difficult to carryout above activities in our day to day fast, hectic lifestyle. We are out of our house for good 12 hours or busy in our work. What we read in news paper or Idiot box Television is nothing but politics, rape, murder, theft, blasts, serials on extra marital affairs or pre planned comedy show. I mean “None of the IMPORTANT things’’ those will be useful for our progress and betterment of our dear family.

“Then who will help an individual and support on above activities?”
There is a simple answer. You are there to help yourself. God helps those who help themselves.

Once again, I may mention that my late mother used to always tell me, knowledge is power; it should not just reside in closed books. Please ensure to help, give it to people. Most of them will be in need and one must fulfill the need of others. In doing so, you may too find solution of your problems, if any.

You need to remain happy by keeping yourselves motivated, whatever be your capacity otherwise depression may harm you more than other factors.

Be happy and remain motivated.