Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Attending Your First Fitness Class

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Attending Your First Fitness Class : A couple of months ago, I was working this contract job in Gilbert, Arizona. I was glad for the opportunity because I had friends living there, so when the opportunity called, I thought, “Sure, why not?”

Gilbert is reputedly one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the United States. It’s also extremely safe, with its low crime rate and generally peaceful feel. While I was there, I needed a great place to exercise with a working fitness plan. My buddy recommended one of the Gilbert fitness classes in the area, saying they had great trainers, and that was where he worked out. He was in great shape, so the next time he went, I tagged along.

In the first class, it was quite funny how I could tell who the newbies were among us. It wasn’t rocket science or intuition; it was the common mistakes they made that gave them away. Here, I’ll be highlighting these mistakes to avoid when attending your first fitness class:

Skipping personal research

Doing your research entails knowing what the fitness class is about, what they claim to achieve, testimonials from clients who are or have been a part of the class, and how these match your personal fitness goals. Fitness classes are not a one-size-fits-all shoe; there are some that are more aligned with your needs than others. So before you join in, make sure to do your research to see if it fits!

Being late

Lateness on your first day sets you back a few workouts or instructions. This leaves you feeling a little out of sync with the rest of the class. Coming early gives you the opportunity to survey the area, make small talk with some others who are at the class, and maybe familiarize yourself with the trainer before the class starts.

Burning yourself out

One of the surefire ways to tell a rookie is by their intense motivation. While this is good, it often leads to overexerting yourself in the beginning, which then leaves you feeling so drained that you find you can’t keep it up.

A better way would be to work out at your own pace because no one ever received a price for popping six-pack abs on the first day. Also, take time to engage in stretching and resting exercises at the end of the class. This helps with the soreness, and taking these precautions ensures that you can go again to the next class.

Learn the proper workout form

On your first day, pay more attention to your instructor’s form and try to match it. Ask for guidance when you’re not getting it right.

Maintaining proper form during a workout gives better results than the number of repetitions done.

Being the little mouse in class

The newbie’s tendency to hide in the corner is a mistake you should avoid. Ask questions and talk to the instructor if you need help or have needs or injuries that prevent you from engaging in a particular workout so that yours can be modified to suit those needs. Don’t hide in the corner; be an active part of the class.

Dress code

Wear something you can work out in. There are outfits suitable for a fitness session, and wearing the wrong shoes can mess up your whole routine. Don’t sacrifice the results you aim for on the altar of fashion. Wear what works.


These are some of the common mistakes most people make. Now you know them, so you can avoid them and be a pro on the first day. Remember, if you have any more doubts, always ask your personal trainer.





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Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Attending Your First Fitness Class

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