Self-Defense Tool for Women Living in The Present World

Self-Defense Tool for Women Living in The Present World : We are living in a world which is completely opposite to the treaties and ideologies which were kept in mind when every region and land was being declared as a free state. Rights of every being were given due respect and were regarded as one of the main essences of humanity.

But, as the world started transforming into the modern and global village, psyche and mentality of people took a journey which leads them to adopt the impeccable aspects of patriarchy in which women was regarded as an inanimate object and reduce solely to assets over which every man stamped upon.

So, for this purpose, women were and still are locked in glass cabins, so that they are unseen by the threatening eyes of society. At this point, dichotomy prevails. Victimization of women is a defined and heinous crime at one level, and on the other hand, restricting the body movements and regulations of women is yet another crime, which is not known by the society, as they treat women as their property, by dismissing the notion that by monitoring someone’s every move, you are in reality, taking away the power of freedom from that person and entitling them to the worst life which is led by slaves.

In this modern world, women are not safe from the perils which are continuously lurking around them. They are used by men to gratify their thirst for lust, and after quenching their thirst, women are chopped down into tendons and ligaments.

But now, the questions arose, Why always women? Why are women always subjected to such subjugation? Why are they not allowed to live their lives like a respectable citizen? Why are they always dependent upon men to protect them from the wolves waiting to prey upon them? Why is the society playing the role of the silent recipient, by ignoring the notion that by raping and victimizing women, we are actually deforming the upcoming generation, as women are the bearers and upholders of a new generation?

Women must not be left at the complete mercy of men. They must know the art of protecting them from the jeopardies which conceals themselves from the visible eyes of society.

Which self-defense tool every woman should know the art of?

  • I believe that paracord monkey fist is something which can break the bones of a person and aid a woman in escaping from the threat.
  • It is handy as it gets easily enveloped in the palms of human beings, which symbolizes that it is feasible.
  • This monkey fist contains a 1-inch steel ball wrapped in high quality paracord.
  • The basic principles in physics is obtain the most force as you can and deliver a strong throw.
  • Apart from giving forceful throws, it is very cheap and easily available in the market, which enhances its practicality.

When women are being trained about martial arts, they can protect themselves from the watchful and lustful eyes of men, who want to subjugate them, so that women don’t surpass them in any genre of life. When men are being threatened of their position by women, the only way they try to secure their status is by exploiting women.

This self-defense awareness should be lectured in every institute, in every household, so that no case is aired on TV about the exploitation of women by hungry hounds.






Self-Defense Tool for Women Living in The Present World

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Self-Defense Tool for Women Living in The Present World

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