Sex Tips for Every Spot On a Man’s Body

The top erogenous zones for guys—and what to do with each one

A new study identifies the most sensitive spots on the male body. And while his penis came out on top (no shocker there), there are plenty of other places he wants you to include in the action. Here, the spots your boyfriend or husband is dying for you to touch—along with a suggestion for the best way to stimulate each one.

Nape of Neck

This might be far from the main attraction, but it can still be a sensual spot. “Neck stimulation sends signals to your circulatory system, increasing blood flow,” says sex therapist Gloria Brame, Ph.D., author of Sex for Grown-Ups: A Sex Primer for the 21st Century. Try gently stroking or kissing this sensitive spot.



Most men are just as amped about kissing as you are. “The lips are just one of those very sensitive membranes of the body”.



This soft, sensitive tissue surrounding his testicles is packed with nerve endings. “Holding, cupping, and very gently rubbing or massaging them is all very sensual for men.”


Inner Thigh

This area can handle a little more pressure than others, caressing, massaging, or lightly tracing your nails along his inner thighs is suggested.



Instead of honing in just on the tip of the penis, focus on the entire shaft. “Make a circle around the base of his penis with your hand and squeeze gently while pleasuring him,”. This will boost blood flow and sensitivity.



While some men have ultra sensitive nipples, others aren’t too fond of stimulation there, so Brame suggests going slow. If he’s into it, you can try slowly tracing the area with your finger or kissing them.



The nerve endings in this area actually span all the way from the pubic bone to the anus and into the thighs. One ultra-sensitive spot is right beneath the scrotum. Try pressing verygently here or lightly flicking your tongue on this spot.


Pubic Hairline

You know the area around your pubic bone is a huge erogenous zone, but it actually is for men, too. “When he’s lying down, start right under his belly button and trace circles around the area,”. This spot—right where his belt would be—is often overlooked.


Back of Neck

Similar to the nape of the neck, this area is packed with nerve endings that send erotic signals to your brain. Give it some love by kissing it, massaging it, or breathing hot air down the back of his neck.



Aside from whispering something sexy, you can also caress or lightly nibble his earlobes for an added arousal boost.





Sex Tips for Every Spot On a Man’s Body