How to Shave Time Off Your Morning Routine

If you feel like mornings are always rushed, or you just can’t manage to get everyone out the door at a respectable time, try a few time shaving tips to keep you on track.

Pick clothes out the night before

From the outrageously silly get-up that your preschooler insists on wearing to the outrageously cool clothes of your teen, choosing an acceptable wardrobe selection the night before will cut down on your morning routine and help to avoid time consuming arguments.

Make lunch the night before

If trading your five minutes of morning peace and coffee for spreading peanut butter over stacks of bread isn’t your idea of outstanding time management, make the lunches the night before. Trade menu items that brown or turn soggy such as jelly or cut apples for easier alternatives like cheese on whole wheat, celery or grapes. Also look for pre-made or pre-readied items such as cut baby carrots or packaged crackers and cheese.

Get the kids to help

Who says that mom has to do it all? From pouring a bowl of cereal with milk to organizing a backpack, your children should play their part in the morning routine. Delegate age appropriate tasks to the team, and shave at least five minutes off of your busy schedule.

Leave the mess

Everyone wants a clean house, but sometimes the mess just has to stay. Leaving out gunk filled breakfast dishes may not be an option, but putting away a few random toys or a newspaper can wait until you (or your kids) get home.

Modify, modify, modify

Back in the glory days of beauty before we all had husbands and kids that were in need of our care there was plenty of time to primp in the morning. Instead of trying to wash, dry and possibly even straighten or curl your hair in the before school time, take a shower the night before. Soft set your locks in rollers or try a complete home blow out. Freshen your ‘do’ in the morning with a dry shampoo. Minimalize make up time by cutting down on products. Instead of applying concealer, foundation and powder try a sheer mineral make up that hides redness and flaws. Add a touch of rosy lipstick, a quick hint of blush and a swoop of dark brown mascara for a fabulous face in less than five minutes.

What are you doing to shave off your morning routine? Share your tips with us.


How to Shave Time Off Your Morning Routine