Tips for Nail Care

It’s very difficult to keep nails healthy and strong. Cold weather can dehydrate your nails and cuticles, and it can mean dry and brittle nails easily prone to infection and breakage.

1. Don’t use nail polish too often

If you want to have strong and healthy nails during the winter you should take a break from your regular manicures and nail polish. Most nail polishes contain chemicals like formaldehyde and acetone that can erode your nails natural protein layer that protect your nails, and using nail polish too often will cause nail discoloration, and leave a terrible yellow tinge on your nails.

2. Opt for non-acetone polish removers

Nail polish removers with formaldehyde or acetone are too harsh for your nails and it can cause your nails to dry out, leaving them prone to breakage. Instead, opt for non-acetone polish removers to clean off nail polish and you’ll have fresh and hydrated nails. In this way your nails will always be strong and healthy in the long run.

3. Apply moisturizer regularly

Well-hydrated hands are healthy hands so nothing works better for healthy and strong nails in the winter than a regular moisturizer. In chilly weather both skin and nails become dry, rough and cracked, that’s why applying moisturizer regularly will not only save your skin but also keep your nails protected. Next time you apply cream to your hands, make sure to rub some into your nail beds and cuticles to keep them well-nourished and well-hydrated throughout the winter.

4. Massage your nails and cuticles

If you are not hydrating your nails with water, it’s important to massage your cuticles and nails. Every day rub some Vaseline into your cuticles and nails or add a few drops of cuticle oil to prevent from damage and strengthen your nails. Remember cutting cuticles can damage your nails health and even lead to infection. So it’s better to push your cuticles back.

5. Drink more water

When your nails dehydrated they become weak and frail causing damaged nails. If you want to have healthy and strong nails you should always stay well-hydrated and the best way to do this is to drink a lot of water. To stay properly hydrated throughout the day you need drink at least 8 glasses of water.

6. Eat a protein rich diet

Eating protein will assure your nails receive all necessary nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong. Nails are made up of a tough protein called keratin, that’s why it’s vital to consume proteins for nails to grow. Lentils, eggs, beans, oats and chicken are essential foods to maintaining healthy and strong nails, especially during the winter time.

7. File your nails correctly

Filing nails incorrectly can cause many problems and it can be very painful. That’s why you should always file your nails in one direction, not in a forth and back motion as this cause peeling, breakage and other damages to your nails. Remember wet nails break easily so it’s better to avoid filing right after a nail soaking or shower. File your nails only with a soft and flexible emery board, because a metal file can be too harsh on your nails.

8. Wear gloves

Try to wear gloves when you wash dishes or do housework, because excess water and cleaning chemicals dry out nails, leaving them easily breakable.


Tips for Nail Care