Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Are you wondering if you are in healthy relationship? Most women try to avoid red flags without knowing that there are also green flags. In fact, no one wants to be in a bad relationship, so it’s important to know signs of a healthy relationship. Keep reading and find out if you are in a healthy relationship.

Obvious Signs of a Healthy Relationship

1. Trusting each other

Trusting each other plays a big part in a healthy relationship. In any relationship that we get into we are looking for somebody to spend time or even life with. That’s why you have to be sure that that person is not going to hurt you or let you down. If you don’t trust your partner, you will end up having lots of fights and feeling insecure, and that’s the opposite of how you feel in a healthy relationship!

2. Doing things separately

Perhaps this sounds a little weird but it’s actually true. If you can do things separately and you don’t have any problems with it, it is an obvious sign you are in a healthy relationship. If you depend on each other, your relationship can quickly become codependent. Remember that it’s good for you to go out with your friends without your man, and it’s good for your partner to spend some time with his friends without you!

3. Not putting each other down

If you are in a healthy relationship you should not feel the need to put down your partner. I’m not telling that you can’t make some funny comments about how bad he is at baseball but don’t nitpick and don’t put your significant other down over everything that he does!

4. Talking about anything

When you are in a healthy relationship, you and your partner can talk about anything! Sure, he doesn’t want to hear about your exes, but if you need to talk about your past relationships, you should be able to. If you are in a healthy relationship, there should be no secrets between the two of you.

5. Not rushing milestones

Unfortunately, many of us tend to rush milestones. When we feel like we love someone, we want to live a life with them and we tend to rush things. But it’s extremely important not to rush the milestones! In a healthy relationship, all things will reach that point naturally. So don’t rush moving in together, getting married and having children.

6. Relationship works outside of the bedroom

If you want a serious relationship, make sure that sex is not the only thing that works in your relationship. Make sure that both you and your significant other know what exactly you want out of life and where your relationship is going. If both of you know, then be sure you are in a healthy relationship!

7. Feeling each of you is doing enough

If you feel like you are carrying your relationship by yourself and your boyfriend is not doing anything, it will create a lot of friction. That’s why it’s so important that you and your significant other feel that each of you is doing enough.

Are you in a healthy relationship? Share your thoughts, please!


Signs of a Healthy Relationship