Make Your Bedroom Romantic

Bring a little more romance into your marriage with these creative and easy ways to make your bedroom romantic. Your bedroom is the one place where you and your hubby can relax without having the children hang all over you. So make it more special! Check out a few creative ways to make your bedroom romantic that you will definitely want to try!

1. Add an unexpected piece of furniture

You are definitely going to have the standard bed and a dresser in your bedroom, but if you want to make your bedroom romantic try to add an unexpected piece of furniture. A settee at the foot of the bed or an arm chair in a corner will add another dimension to your space.

2. Opt for luxury bedding

Another creative and easy way to make your bedroom romantic is by using luxury bedding. Forget about flannel and cotton, instead, opt for some silk or satin. Since these fabrics have a really soft and silky feeling, they will add an instant touch of romance to your bedroom.

3. A canopy over a bed

Is there anything more romantic than a canopy over a bed? A bed canopy gives privacy and creates a special feeling, as if it’s a small cocoon for you and your husband. Do a full-on canopy that completely engulfs your bed, or hang a canopy over the top of your bed. A canopy will definitely add a touch of romance to your bedroom.

4. Low lighting

Low lighting is one of the easiest ways to set the mood for love and romance in your bedroom. Low lighting will make your bedroom more welcoming as well as relaxing and it will set the stage for romance. After all, have you ever heard of being romantic with bright lights?

5. Decorative headboard

There is nothing romantic about a mattress sitting against a wall, right? Try to put a headboard behind it and you will add a certain touch of romance to the space. There are many different types of oak headboards, from tufted satin, leather to wood. Whatever you choose, a headboard will definitely add some romantic flare to your bedroom.

6. Vintage elements

A collection of vintage mirrors hang on the wall can add an instant touch of romance, as can some vintage-style lamps. Go to a thrift store or an antique shop, or look around in your grandparents’ attic or garage, and you will find some excellent romantic vintage pieces to add to your bedroom.

7. Candles

Finally, the last easy way to make your bedroom a little more romantic is to add candles. Fill your bedroom with tons of different candles. You can line them along your nightstands, your dresser or shelves. Light candles up and your bedroom will exude an air of romance.

Bringing a little more romance into the bedroom will definitely make your room for some romance and love in your relationship. Which of these creative ways do you think you will try? Do you have any other ideas? Share them, please!



Make Your Bedroom Romantic