Signs You Love Your Job

You can decide whether bragging all day about how fantastic your job is or how lucky you really are that you are doing something you love, but you need to remember that there are still a couple of very visible signs you enjoy your job that your loved ones will notice at once. In any way, there isn’t a job that is completely ideal in every way, but at times all the benefits of doing something you really like might mean much more to you than all the money in the world and you won’t even pay attention to all those little shortcomings your job might have. That’s why, here are a few telling signs you enjoy your job.

1. You work with your manager and not for him

In case you really think this way, I need to tell you that you actually are a very fortunate person to have found such a job. It’s amazing to have a superior who treats you with respect, who values and trusts you and whom you can consider your partner.

2. You’re sad when you don’t go to work

If you really hate when you can’t go to work because you don’t want to let your coworkers down or think you’ll disappoint people, it’s a very obvious sign you respect what you’re doing and that your colleagues’ well-being is definitely important to you. In case you truly think that, I’m convinced most of them will be very happy to fill in for you.

3. You enjoy your time at work

I believe you will agree with me if I consider this one of the most telling signs you love your job. In case you’re a person who really feels wonderful at work and who really loves the time spent there, I have to tell you that you are definitely lucky to have found such a job. When enjoying what you do, you’ll feel more cheerful and alive all day long, and you really need to cherish that, since there are a lot of people who are just stuck doing something they actually hate because they need to earn money for living.

4. You like attending meetings

Since you’re always thinking about the well-being of your colleagues and the smooth running of the company, you definitely love attending meetings. You love contributing in every way for finding various solutions to the problems your company might face. You desire to be a part of the changes your company might have to make and be able to take initiative.

5. You have friends at work

Today having real friends at work is quite problematic, especially because everyone is trying to be the best in the company and competing with each other for climbing the hierarchical ladder. If you respect and like the people you work for and the only thing you think about is making them happy, then this is really the place for you to grow both personally and professionally.

6. You never look at the clock

Looking at the clock is one of the things you almost never do when you’re at work since it always feels like time flies when you are there and you are too passionate about what you’re doing. Moreover, you are always impatient to come back tomorrow and finish what you’ve begun and you even think about your tasks during your free time without felling stressed out or irritated, but because you love doing it.

7. You like helping your coworkers

One more very telling sign you are completely in love with what you do is the fact that you are always desire to help your coworkers, and it doesn’t matter how difficult that task might be. Furthermore, you always think about other people’s well-being and not about your personal needs. You always try to make your colleagues celebrate every success, no matter how small it might be and also share credit with them.

8. You love Mondays

You are never upset that the weekends have finished and you’ll need to go to work tomorrow. You have never understood those people who always complain about having a bad “case of the Mondays.” You enjoy what you do and you are too impatient to come back to work as soon as possible since you always love the time spent there.

9. You’d recommend your company to your friends

When one of your family members or friends is looking for a job and you won’t hesitate in recommending them to work at your company, definitely it’s a telling sign you really love what you’re doing. I’m convinced you want the best for your loved ones and if you would like to have them as your coworkers, then you need to be sure that working in your company is the best choice they could make regarding their career.

It’s true that not all people are fortunate enough to find a job they really enjoy, that’s why you are definitely lucky if you love what you are doing. Do you love your job?



Signs You Love Your Job