Get Rid of Your Old Clothes

When your wardrobe is full of clothes you don’t wear and don’t like anymore, you have a perfect opportunity to get rid of them. Clothing means a lot to us and it’s difficult at times to say goodbye to them. When you spent a big amount of money on a definite thing, you might feel guilty if you throw it away. While most of your clothes can be good things, there are some old clothes to get rid of.

1. Permanent damage

Clothing shouldn’t only make you look good but also should serve for lots of other purposes. For example, if one of your items has a permanent stain, an un-repairable tear or has become smaller in the wash you won’t be looking nice. And when it is not something you can wear in the house and it cannot be fixed by professionals, then be sure and put it in the garbage.

2. You’ve worn this item in the past year

If you’ve discovered that some of your clothes are in your closet over a year just throw them away. Maybe you loved it when you first bought it and believed you would wear it more often. Moreover, you can still think so. But be realistic, if you did not put it on for the last 6-12 months, it won’t be useful in the future either, and it’s better to say goodbye.

3. Signs of tear and wear

Every woman has that particular item in the closet that makes her look like a star and feel on top of the world; it goes well with everything and if she could, she would wear it every day! When you look closer at it, can you see any signs of tear and wear? If it is beginning to fall apart, it’s better to throw away your favorite outfit. And if you still want something similar, you can come to the store where you bought the original item and ask if they have something like that.

4. It’s not appropriate for your lifestyle

I always try to be ready for every occasion, but there is no use of keeping club outfit if I don’t go clubbing or sport clothes if I don’t go to the gym. Instead of taking up space in my wardrobe with untouched things, it’s better to get rid of all the unnecessary things and make room for useful ones.

5. It’s not your style

Fashion constantly changes, you have moved to another city, or getting older… there are lots of factors that influence and change your style. If you are keeping the garment just because it is in a good condition but is not your style at all, be sure you won’t use it. It won’t go well with any of your recent purchases and you won’t feel comfortable if it’s not who you’re anymore.

6. You have too many of the same things

Well, I know variety is the spice of life, but when you keep 10 pairs of dark blue denim jeans, you could survive if you throw some away. It’s really a waste when you have too much excess. In addition, when you purchase too often the similar item, it can be because the first few things you bought were almost but not quite what you wished. That’s why you’re not losing anything if you get rid of them!

7. The item doesn’t fit you properly

It’s a fact that our body changes with time – some of us become plumper, some thinner and some more muscular. And when your clothes don’t fit you anymore, it’s better to buy new things that do fit. Therefore, your old fitting outfit is just collecting dust. Never keep all your clothes from three years ago if you’ve stopped looking good in it.

If you are getting rid of your old outfit, do not literally throw them into the garbage. Rather than doing it you can always give your clothes to a non-profit, local charity. One more way is to sell your expensive things at a consignment shop. But the way I enjoy the most when getting rid of old outfit is to do a clothing exchange with my friends! How do you know you need to throw away your old items and in what way do you usually do it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!



Get Rid of Your Old Clothes