Signs To Know If Your Husband Is An Alcoholic

Signs To Know If Your Husband Is An Alcoholic : If you’ve wondered how to know if your husband is an alcoholic, then it means that you already suspect that he is suffering from some alcohol addiction. Many times, there are people who are initially reluctant to show and then accept their problem of addiction.

The reason is that they do not believe that they are alcoholics, but they are just occasional drinkers. However, you don’t need to be troubled about the question, “is my husband addicted?” since we will answer it here in detail.

One of the keys to recovering from an addiction is accepting that one has this issue. Therefore, when you are faced with a question pertaining to your husband, you need to convince him to give your honest answers. Many times, people have a drinking problem, and they don’t know it. This is the case with alcohol since people consume it regularly in many social situations.

The answer to your question, “is my husband addicted?” does not imply a single answer. In reality, alcoholism unfolds in a miscellany of symptoms, behaviors, and circumstances. Let’s look at certain clues that can clarify if your husband is suffering from addiction.

  • Alcohol enters all the affairs of one’s life, i.e., family, work, friends, and other matters.
  • The person is in financial straits due to wasting his money on buying alcohol.
  • He may suffer from memory ups and downs because alcohol impairs the cognitive abilities of the consumer.
  • Watch out if you notice a tremor, or inexplicable clumsiness, in his hands. Alcoholic beverages alter the nervous system.
  • Notice if he is frequently complaining about having colic and poor digestive condition.
  • He drinks alcohol for everything and no longer consumes water or juices.
  • He drinks when he is alone and does not care if it is no social occasion.
  • He is attentive to drinking habits and ways. For example, alcoholics tend to drink early.
  • He is neglecting personal appearance and hygiene.
  • He is not spending time with you and other family members, and he is often absent from work.
  • He is always carrying some alcohol with him to drink as soon as possible.

The above are signs that your husband has fallen into the addiction of alcoholism. As soon as you are sure that he has this problem, you must not hesitate to ask for help. In some cases, the addicts also want to get out of the vice in which they are captives.

Now, you need to talk to him and tell him that he has become an alcohol addict. If he realizes that he is suffering from alcoholism, it is a good start because acceptance is the first step to resolving this issue. Keep in mind that it will be difficult for both of you to let him get out of this problem. Also, you should know that alcoholism has a strong withdrawal syndrome.

Withdrawal syndrome is a hard relapse when the addict stops drinking. Since the body gets used to consuming alcohol, interrupting its consumption causes an imbalance. The person suffers from anguish and urges to drink again. However, with correct treatment, one can avoid the pitfall of this syndrome.





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Signs To Know If Your Husband Is An Alcoholic