Top 05 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Top 05 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption
Top 05 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Top 05 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption : Drinking has nowadays become a normal part of modern culture. You may enjoy hanging out with your friends or colleagues at a bar and booze at full throttle. On such occasions, how much do you usually drink? Have you ever met with an accident or blacked out from excessive alcohol intake?

Alcohol is highly addictive in nature. It contains ethanol as its primary active ingredient, which is a psychoactive compound that makes you drunk. Not only can it affect your mood, behavior, and mental state, but it also can take a toll on your cardiovascular health, sexual health, and various other health concerns.

Why Should You Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption?

Excessive alcohol intake increases your risk for various health conditions. Below are the top five reasons why you should avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

  1. It can cause damage to your liver

    The liver is one of the most significant organs in the body. It plays a crucial role in a wide range of bodily functions and processes, including counterbalancing toxic substances such as alcohol. When you consume excessive amounts of alcohol, your liver has to work more than usual in neutralizing it. This, over time, can result in the development of serious diseases, which is commonly called alcoholic liver disease. This may include cirrhosis and fatty liver disease.

  2. It can increase your risk of heart disease

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death these days. It includes several diseases such as heart attack and stroke; if you consume excessive alcohol for a considerably long period, your risk for suffering from these life-threatening conditions increases.

    Multiple studies have found that consuming alcohol in moderation can actually be beneficial in various ways. It can increase HDL (good cholesterol) levels in your bloodstream, reduce the risk of blood clots, regulate blood pressure levels, temporarily relieve stress or anxiety, and prevent diabetes.

    However, excessive alcohol consumption does exactly the opposite. It can increase your blood pressure and cholesterol levels to dangerously high levels, make you more prone to heart attack and stroke, worsen your mood, and aggravate diabetes.

  3. It can contribute to erectile dysfunction

    Excessive alcohol consumption can influence your hormones and erode proper functioning. One of the vital hormones which play a crucial role in sexual function is testosterone. It is the male sex hormone, and its deficiency is associated with erectile dysfunction.

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  4. It can make you more susceptible to certain types of cancer

    Research suggests that people who drink excessive amounts of alcohol are at significant risk of developing alcohol-induced cancer over time.

    These include:

    • Liver cancer
    • Head and neck cancer
    • Esophageal cancer
  5. It can make your immune system weak

    Excessive alcohol consumption could impair your immune system, thus making you more prone to several infections and diseases. Drinking in moderation is usually considered safe and doesn’t weaken your immune system significantly.

    Drink In Moderation: What Does It Mean?
    In this blog, we have used the term “drink in moderation” multiple times. Do you know what that means? How much alcohol is too much?

    Drink in moderation means:
    For men: maximum of 2 standard drinks per day
    For women: maximum of 1 standard drink per day

    Anything beyond this is considered excessive alcohol consumption or binge drinking.


Excessive alcohol consumption impacts your health in several ways. We have discussed the top reasons why you should avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Now that you are aware of these, make sure you give up drinking completely or at least drink in moderation. If you need professional alcohol help NZ to get rid of alcoholism, you can contact the Retreat where holistic support is provided to the drug and alcohol addict.






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Top 05 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

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