Simple Rules for Achieving Healthy Weight Loss

Many people will jump from fad diet, to the latest-miracle weight loss program, and then on to the next diet craze, without ever having any success. There are now so many diet programs promising that they have the only legitimate weight loss cure that it is difficult to know who to believe. However, most of these fancy programs are never necessary – for most people, healthy weight loss can be achieved by following these 3 simple rules.

1. Sensible Calorie Reduction

Quite simply, to lose weight a person needs to burn more calories than they consume. This can be achieved by exercise – which will burn more calories – or by altering eating habits and reducing calorie consumption. The ideal solution is to do both.
How a person decides to reduce calorie-intake is often the cause for concern. Participation in a diet that encourages calorie-starvation is not only unhealthy; it will create problems with weight-imbalance in the future.
To encourage healthy weight loss, calorie-reduction should be implemented slowly. Methodical weight loss allows the metabolism time to adjust and accept each small reduction in body mass.

2. Eating Well-Balanced, Nutritionally-Rich Foods

Unhealthy foods should be replaced by fresh fruit and vegetables. Grill instead of fry and reduce the intake of saturated fats. The best method for healthy weight loss is always by implementing a nutritionally-rich balanced diet, which uses natural ingredients and promotes the consumption of essential minerals and vitamins.
Most fruits and vegetables are packed full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. These can boost the immune system, promote well-being and facilitate a healthy digestive system. They also have high water content and are low in calories – so a dieter can consume more and satisfy appetite.
Wholegrain foodstuffs are not only great for digestion; they are low GI (Gluten Index) and will release their energy slowly and help keep hunger at bay.

3. Implementing Portion Control

Many people have become used to the increased portion sizes of the modern world. Everything now seems to be advertised as having an ‘extra 10%’ or ‘new bigger value pack’. Restaurant portions are bigger and people’s appetites have become larger.
In many instances people simply overeat. This can be due to consuming food too quickly, or piling too much food onto a plate. It can take 10-20 minutes for the stomach to signal to the brain that it is full. Eating slowly allows the stomach time to warn a person that enough is enough, before it receives more than it needs.
Placing smaller portions onto a plate also discourages over-consumption. People become brainwashed into finishing whatever is present on their plate. Dish up half the meal, eat it slowly and take a 10 minute break, before deciding if more food is required.

These 3 simple rules can help most people achieve healthy weight loss. Dieting is common sense and healthy dieting should always include well-balanced meals that incorporate nutritional essentials and some form of exercise. Follow these steps and get on the path to permanent healthy weight loss.


Simple Rules for Achieving Healthy Weight Loss