SLT is just a Laser drop to lower your Eye Pressure

SLT is just a Laser drop to lower your Eye Pressure : SLT which is medically known as ‘Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty’ is a laser surgery performed to lower the internal eye pressure, also commonly known as intraocular pressure on a person suffering from glaucoma. However, before the inception of SLT, glaucoma was treated with the help of medication, eye drops and the traditional surgical method which is also known as ‘incisional surgery’.

Glaucoma has been categorised as a complex eye disease, not because of the impact that it can have on a person’s eyesight but due to its collective properties that lead to the vision threatening disease.

Well, our eyeballs are not empty and our bodies generate a fluid that helps the eye to stay nourished and maintain their shape. Unfortunately, with a patient suffering from glaucoma, the drainage system that allows the fluid to flow and reach the eyeball gets blocked eventually increasing the amount of intraocular pressure.

While it has been observed that glaucoma can be controlled with the help of prescribed medication,research from the past decade, upon observing number of SLT treatments, claims that SLT can be considered as the most effective choice to counter Glaucoma.

People Eligible for SLT

While it often depends upon the doctor that you are visiting, in the majority of cases anyone who has primary or secondary open-angle glaucoma could be eligible for treatment to lower their intraocular pressure. According to medical professionals the procedure can be done regardless of whether the patient is on medication or not.

Choose SLT over Everything

As discussed above, incisional surgery also termed as filtering surgery was previously the most common choice to treat the people suffering from glaucoma, until the inception of a more effective and safe way, which is SLT laser therapy for glaucoma.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty ‘Why Selective

SLT is termed as selective laser trabeculoplasty because it uses a laser for decreasing the intraocular pressure but with a lower force of energy. It uses short pulses of energy which has minimal heat absorption and is also referred to as a cold laser.

How complex is it?

It normally takes just two minutes to perform SLT, yes you heard it right. Thirty minutes after performing the surgery, the patient is then examined by a physician for any signs of inflammation caused by the procedure, which only occurs in  the rarest of cases. The physician also further assesses the intraocular pressure which is the vital issue at hand. The patient is then required to meet the physician after 8- 10 days to check the effectiveness of the procedure. The whole procedure is painless and should be considered as the first choice for glaucoma eye surgery.

It is Effective!

Undoubtedly, SLT can be considered as the most effective way to treat patients suffering from glaucoma as it has a longer lasting effect than the other two available options. It can be used even before a person has started eyedrop medication and can have a positive outcome in terms of lowering the intraocular pressure. It’s a process which can be performed within an hour, is painless and has almost zero side effects. And on top of that, it can save your eyesight, What more are you looking for?



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SLT is just a Laser drop to lower your Eye Pressure

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