Socialize Yourself

Human Beings are social animals. We mean that as per our nature developed from the primitive stage to day, we like to live in society. Civilization took further steps and our need towards materialism grew up. We know that when a lion gets hungry, he searches out some animal and when he gets his food, he goes to take rest. He does not care for the future that for tomorrow, he may hunt for some more animals and put them into his refrigerator for the use tomorrow. But as human beings, we try to arrange for our next generations. This gathering attitude makes us so mad and unethical that we are not able to think that what we are doing exceedingly, may eat up others’ genuine share. Our forefathers did not do so. They had Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ as concept of their living.
Actually, Vasudaiva Kutumbakam  was ingrained in the way of  their method of living,  as an integral part of their culture. Their vision encompassed the whole humanity as one’s own part. There was no place for exploitation of natural resources, in fact animals and plants and even rivers and mountains were venerated. Their actions were seeped in a concern for ‘universal welfare’. Their interactions with alternate beliefs, faiths and even civilizations reflected tolerance and pluralism.
When sects like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism emerged as reformist movements, even though as rebellion to what their propagandists considered wrong in the society, they had the freedom and space to grow. They had the knowledge of the eternal truth, the truth of the wholeness of universe. They knew it was a oneness and a perceived separateness from this oneness as an individual identity was a matter of awareness. Thus any action at any point in this oneness would affect the whole. The whole is aware what happens at any point in the universe and a response is triggered to every action.
Scientific researches of modern day confirm their knowledge of oneness of universe. Non locality is if you take two quantum particles that were twins and separate them billions of miles apart, and then do something to one particle here, the other particle billions of light years away will “immediately” come to know about what you did to that one particle here!! This quantum property has been confirmed by experiments. In fact, “all” particles in this universe are twins, in the sense they all can be traced back to a common ancestral origin. In other words, what happens to every particle should become known to every other particle in this universe! So the whole universe is “interconnected”?!’
It was this knowledge thousands of years ago that made our forefathers proclaimed ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ – ‘the world is one family’. Present day drivers of globalization can take cue from this knowledge. Though we have divided ourselves into political units – it is India, that is Pakistan, that is China, that is US, UK and so on. But if we see deeply, we understand that the people living in the different parts of our great earth are linked to each other in some definite terms. But our vested interests make us divided. Some of our groups fight with others just to gain some superiority or snatch away some of the holdings the other groups have. Why? You too can have. God has gifted you the same physique what the others have. You need to sharpen yourself and have genuine claim. No, materialism has made us blind. We fight with each other, but we forget what will happen if in the process itself, we take our last breath and everything for which we are fighting for will be left here.
With our efforts to gather, we have been busy so much that sometime we forget our duties towards our nears. Even our neighbors are not able to recognize us if we meet somewhere else instead of our own doorsteps. At the time of emergency, we do not get cooperation because at their time of emergency, we were busy in meeting our own schedules. Mostly, now-a-days, the society tends to work on reciprocal terms. Some people still believe in donating some part of their income to the charity, whatever be the reason of doing so – whether that is under religious dictates or surplus illegal amount to be converted into legal amount, such charities help needy people. It does not bring about eternal peace of mind. We need to purify the process.
A little socialization process of ourselves can make wonders in our lives. How? Through our frequent meetings with other persons can make us acquainted with their nature, changing environment and reconciling with them identifying their needs and putting forth your helping hands if they ever need. None is independent in the society – for some of the needs, everyone has to look on the other. If you have a lot of money, your money alone can not gather everything if you do not have contact with the producers of the materials you need. What will happen if you slip somewhere and there is none known to you to lift you up? Your moneybag will not lift you up if there is no helping hand. Undoubtedly, you are able to have helping hands around you, with your money but for how long so purchased hands may help you if they are lured by your enemies with better price? You need to win their hearts too and that is possible if you socialize yourself.
Become a part of your society, interact with others very frequently, very politely and with wish to help them out if ever they need graciously. One day, you may get better results if any emergency you face in your life.
Be Happy – Socialize Yourself.