Starting Over at a New School

If you are starting a new school, you may feel worried and anxious and need some helpful tips to follow when starting over at a new school. I always hated starting a new school, with no friends and having to talk to new people since I was very shy. Because of my dad’s job, I switched schools three times, so I know a few tips and tricks on how to start over at a new school feeling more focused and confident.

Tips to Follow When Starting Over at a New School

1. Learn as much as you can about your new school

If you are starting a new school, try to meet someone at your new school the week before the beginning of the school year. This way you can learn more about the school. If you have your schedule already, you will find out where all of the classrooms are and plan out your route from class to class. If you are starting a new school in the middle of the school year, go in on a Saturday to just look around.

2. Browse through Facebook

If you know exactly what school you will be attending, it will be a great idea to browse through Facebook to find someone who goes to that school. It’s a perfect way to know your classmates before you even start. If your classmates are already familiar with you, it will keep you from having to answer awkward questions that they may ask.

3. Bring your lunch on the first day

If you find it hard to approach new people and ask if you can join them for lunch, be sure to bring your lunch on the first (and, perhaps, second) day of school. This will allow you to avoid the cafeteria line and select a seat at any empty table and allow others to sit with you.

4. Adjust expectations

Probably, you had the highest average in Spanish class at your old school, but remember you’re entering an absolutely different group of people now and they may be more advanced in Spanish than you. So don’t hurry to announce to everybody that you are the best at something! It’s better to prove your knowledge!

5. Smile and be open with people

Well, the last thing you want to do is to keep your arms crossed and walk around scowling. That’s actually the worst thing to do! If you are starting over at a new school, be ready to smile and try to be a little open with people. Your classmates will be definitely curious about you because you are new. Keep in mind that they’ll be looking at you all the time, so you should make a good first impression. Just come off as fun and friendly, not snobby or gloomy.

6. Watch what you say

Everybody likes a person with a great sense of humor so be funny. Don’t say anything bad about other people. I mean, don’t make fun of a teacher and don’t criticize other students. When you start a new school you don’t know who likes whom and it’s easy to get enemies at the first day at new school.

7. Start all over again

If you dislike the image you had at your old school, it’s a great opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. Become brave and approach people you would not usually have talked to. They don’t know who you were, so you can be whoever you want.

Starting a new school is never easy. But with these tips it can be not as difficult as you may think. Do you have any other tips? Share them, please.



Starting Over at a New School