Table Manners to Teach Your Children

Good table manners are an important key to your children’s social success. Children aren’t born with good manners, and teaching them is your responsibility, as a parent. In fact, table manners can bring in a lot of positive changes in your children’s behavior and help in developing moral values. Read on and find out a few table manners you should teach your children.

Table Manners to Teach Your Children

1. Greet people

Nowadays many children just come to the dining table, quickly eat a meal and move away without greeting people around them. And this leaves a really bad impression about the children in everybody’s mind. Teach your children to have a look at people sitting around them at the dining table and greet them. First impression is the best and most lasting impression!

2. Setting the table

It is essential for your children to learn how to set the table properly. They will always know that the forks go on the left, and the spoons and knives on the right. Many parents skip this important step, and this is a very big mistake!

3. Manners of sitting while eating

Teach your children to sit straight, with their elbows off the table and the napkins on their lap. It may be hard for children to sit for a long time if their legs don’t reach the ground. But try to make your kids accustomed to sitting like this for at least 5-10 minutes a day.

4. Chew with mouth closed

This is one of the most important table manners you should teach your children. Nobody would wish to look at people eating with mouth opened. So be sure to teach your children to chew the food slowly and with mouth closed.

5. Ask for food

You should also teach your children how to ask for food rather than reaching across others to get it. The correct way to pass the food is in a counterclockwise direction, from left to right. First, teach your children to pass the food to the person sitting close to them.

6. Use a fork and spoon

Teach your children to use a fork and spoon unless the food is meant to be eaten with fingers. It’s better to teach children at a very young age. Sure, they will make a mess, but it’s worth it!

7. Don’t dump the food

Be sure to teach your children not to dump the food completely into mouth. Teach your children to put small morsels of food in the mouth. Stuffing mouth with food may result in choking that can lead to some serious health problems.

8. Don’t pick their teeth

Tell your children that they should never pick their teeth at the table. Tell them to use a toothpick and if the children feel restless, ask them to excuse themselves and go to the restroom to pick their teeth.

9. Say ‘Thank you’

Teach your children to say ‘Thank you’ to the person who cooked and served food for them. Explain your kids that the person took time and energy to prepare and serve the food, and that’s why they should show their appreciation.

10. Respect the food

Finally, it’s also very important to teach your kids not to make any rude comments about the food being served. Tell them that it will hurt the person who cooked the meal, spending their valuable time, energy and money. Also teach your children not to waste the food that is served to them.

Do you have any tips for teaching the children table manners? Share them, please!


Table Manners to Teach Your Children