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Control your diabetes and obesity with capsicum

Control your diabetes and obesity with capsicum : Nowadays many people are easily prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Our eating habits and lifestyle could be the main reasons for it. To control or reverse it there are many natural remedies and recently capsicum has been added to that list. The scientists at the CSIR- Indian Institute […]

Types of Bread for Weight Loss

Types of Bread for Weight Loss : The popularity of the Atkins Diet and the explosive growth of low-carb diet plans have led people to believe that carbohydrates are the worst possible food to eat when trying to lose weight. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) thinks differently. In fact, the USDA has placed carbohydrates at the base of […]

Effect a Low-Calorie Diet Could Have on the Aging

Although many people diet to lose weight, a new study reveals the benefit that it could have on aging and memory. Anti-aging products are big business. There are creams, drops, serums, and pills marketed with the overarching promise younger-looking skin and less wrinkles. But what if we told you that you may not need any of those things to look […]

Remember When You Want to Get a Flat Stomach

Every woman wants to get a flat belly so that she can feel and look great, but many aren’t sure how to achieve it. The constant infomercials, gimmicks and fads create an even bigger desire for every person to achieve the awesome abs they watch and read about. I can surely say that it’s possible to get a flat stomach, […]

Combat Fatigue with Food

With the high consumption of refined foods which are loaded with sugars, preservatives, colorings, and chemicals, there is a plethora of reasons why you’re feeling run-down. Your fatigue can be also caused by some other things such as illness, stress, lack of sleep and anemia. Typically, anemia is caused by illness, but sometimes it can also be caused by a […]