Effect a Low-Calorie Diet Could Have on the Aging

Effect a Low-Calorie Diet Could Have on the Aging
Effect a Low-Calorie Diet Could Have on the Aging

Although many people diet to lose weight, a new study reveals the benefit that it could have on aging and memory.

Anti-aging products are big business. There are creams, drops, serums, and pills marketed with the overarching promise younger-looking skin and less wrinkles. But what if we told you that you may not need any of those things to look and feel years younger? A new study reveals that reducing calorie intake could help slow aging. Before you start searching the inter webs for a new dieting plan, there’s more to the story.

Senior study investigator and NYU Langone neuroscientist, Stephen D. Ginsberg, Ph.D. cautions that calorie restriction is not necessarily the “fountain of youth,” but that it does “add evidence for the role of diet in delaying the effects of aging and age-related disease.

The question: Is restricting calories really the simplest way to fight aging? Laura Cipullo, RD, says ultimately no. “Restricting calories over the long term doesn’t work,” says Cipullo “you need food that will leave you emotionally and physically healthy, and ultimately, restriction does not lead to that.”

Instead, Cipullo offers these four easy tips to lose weight, without simply restricting calories:

1. Think Addition Not Restriction
Losing weight doesn’t have to be all about cutting things out of your diet. In fact, it could actually involve adding a slew of better-for-you foods. Cipullo recommends carbohydrates, fats, and protein at every meal to satisfy you on both an emotional and physical level. “Eating all three macronutrients at each meal will satisfy you physically because you will stay fuller longer and psychologically because you have a variety of foods.”

2. Don’t Completely Forget About Numbers
Don’t eat less then 1200 calories per day. “Too much calorie restriction may cause your metabolism to slow down about 30 percent,” cautions Cipullo. Take tiny, not drastic steps.

3. Have a Stress-Reducing Strategy
“The everyday tension that comes from juggling a job and family life can increase your body’s production of the hormone cortisol, which can contribute to the storage of belly fat,” says Cipullo. The fix? Have a plan in place to loosen the tension caused by everyday life.

It’s All About that Base
“If you have a ‘base’ food ready to use when you walk through the door at 7 p.m., dinner will be a much healthier, lower-calorie experience,” Cipullo suggests. What qualifies as a “base” food? Try making a huge amount of your favorite salad (using kale, spinach, or another healthy green) on Monday night and just adding in different proteins (like shrimp, chicken, tofu, or steak) as well as carbs (like sweet potato or wheat berry) as the week progresses.



Effect a Low-Calorie Diet Could Have on the Aging


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