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Reduce Your Anxiety with These Simple Exercises

If you feel like anxiety prevents you from being successful and happy, it’s time to try out some of the best exercises that help fight stress, anxiety and depression. When you have an anxiety attack, it’s almost impossible to work, think clearly, take decisions and even relax. You can’t fall asleep, you can’t accomplish any task and you can have […]

Things to Do to Stay Inspired and Achieve All Your Goals

Although it can be hard to stay focused at times, there are still several little things to do to stay inspired, accomplish all your tasks and attain all your goals. When you are motivated, you feel more ambitious, enthusiastic and much happier, plus, you motivate and inspire the people around you. Here are nine things to do to stay inspired […]

Important Things You Should Do in 2015

There are a few important things you should do to get yourself on track for a wonderful year! Especially now that the holidays are over, January is the best time to refresh, reset and start planning your year. Prioritize what you should do in 2015, make a list of the main things to do in the new year and check […]

Many Breast Cancer Patients Get Unnecessary Radiation

About two thirds of breast cancer patients may be getting more radiation treatment than they really need according to the latest study When it comes to treating cancer, the common approach is often “more is better.” Throwing everything medically possible at growing tumors can keep them from spreading and, most important, help patients survive their disease.

Do Brain Games Really Improve Memory?

Unhand the crossword: it’s not your golden ticket to a lifetime of quick wit and perfect recall Games sure seem like a good way to work your brain out, but don’t put your stock in Sudoku. “They target very specific cognitive abilities, but they don’t transfer to clarity of thinking, problem solving, planning—all the complex skills that really matter,” explains […]

Obesity May Shorten Life Expectancy by Up to 8 Years

Young obese people are at most risk A new study has found that obesity can shorten one’s life by almost a decade. Researchers at McGill University linked obesity with an increased risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes — ailments that dramatically reduce both life expectancy and the number of years spent free of chronic illnesses.

Is Cracking Your Knuckles Bad?

And just what is that cracking sound, anyway? From fingers and toes to necks and knees, everyone knows a “cracker.” And most habitual joint poppers have heard rumors their habit may cause arthritis. But are those rumors true?

Is It Good or Bad to Take a Nap?

Snooze, or skip it? You’re right to be confused. Even as a recent study linked napping to higher mortality, companies and colleges across the U.S. are installing nap rooms to boost productivity. Truly, it would be a dream to get some napping consensus.

Does Laughing Have Real Health Benefits?

Your body could use a belly laugh It may not be the bestmedicine. But laughter’s great for you, and it may even compare to a proper diet and exercise when it comes to keeping you healthy and disease free. That’s according to Dr. Lee Berk, an associate professor at Loma Linda University in California who has spent nearly three decades […]

Health Excuses To Stay Sober At Your Holiday Party

It’s not always easy to explain why you’re turning down a drink, finds a new study Staying sober at a holiday party—whether it’s out of commitment to the 12 steps, your health or your tastebuds—certainly has its merits. But it’s not always easy to explain why you’re turning down a hot toddy, finds a new study in theJournal of Applied […]

Cope with the Winter Blues

If you suffer a downer during the winter months, there are a few ways to cope with the winter blues. No matter what the weather is doing and how gloomy your family, friends and coworkers may be, try to stay positive and enjoy this wonderful season to the fullest. If you have trouble dealing with the winter blues, here are […]

What Your Skin Reveals About Your Health

Take a second and look at your skin from head to toe. What do you see? Many people observe wrinkles, acne, eczema, uneven rough skin or rosacea. Although these are all conditions we wish to live without, they’re also gentle whispers of the body telling us there’s an imbalance going on inside that needs to be addressed, so they shouldn’t […]