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Words to Use in Your Compliments

Giving compliments is a magical thing that makes people smile and feel happy. Nowadays there’s a tendency to use more exquisite words while giving compliments. We usually say ‘cool’ or ‘beautiful’ forgetting that there are many others more wonderful words. When we use compliments, we become more charming and create harmonious relationship with people around us. Most of us are […]

Get Rid of Bad Speaking Habits

It can be rather difficult to find a person who has an excellent speech without any flaws. Usually we have a lot of bad speaking habits that may cause different problems at work and in our everyday communication. That’s why we should work hard in order to eliminate certain errors from our speech. First of all, you need to discover […]

Prevent Stress-Related Weight Gain

Depending on the person, stress can cause both weight loss and weight gain. Stress-related weight gain is one of the most frequent complaints in women. With our demanding jobs, family responsibilities and requirements, constant pressure to be perfect and successful, relationships and bills, it’s no wonder we are feeling stressed. I’ve coped with stress-related weight gain many points in my […]