Words to Use in Your Compliments

Giving compliments is a magical thing that makes people smile and feel happy. Nowadays there’s a tendency to use more exquisite words while giving compliments. We usually say ‘cool’ or ‘beautiful’ forgetting that there are many others more wonderful words. When we use compliments, we become more charming and create harmonious relationship with people around us. Most of us are already tired of casual compliments and require some innovation. Check out the list of the marvelous words, which can make anyone smile and shine.

1. Enticing


‘To be enticed’ means to be greatly attracted to or interested in something. So you may find your friends’ idea or offer enticing. This way you show that you are concerned with the idea.


2. Wondrous


No doubt that such a word will generate a flash of joy in your heart. This word is a rare thing and we use it when we are dealing with someone very special for us. ‘Wondrous’ is an upgraded form of the word ‘wonderful,’ but it sounds better and more exquisite.


3. Stunning


When you see someone looking gorgeous and great, you are welcome to use this little compliment. Unfortunately, this word is used very rare, so try to find the high time to get it in usage. After all, it’s not difficult to say your friend, “You look stunning today.” You can make her day a bit brighter.


4. Breathtaking


Such word as ‘breathtaking’ can be used only in several occasions. It is mostly suitable when you’ve got a great dose of adrenaline doing something extraordinary. Furthermore, you can look breathtaking that gives you absolute confidence.


5. Majestic


When you hear the word ‘majestic,’ you know that it means something noble and excellent. When you say this charming word, you show your delight with a person you are giving a compliment.


6. Elegant


Elegant people are dignified and graceful in appearance, having some royal taste in style and appropriate behavior. That is extremely pleasant to be rewarded with such a compliment.


7. Lovely


Love is a magnificent thing that makes our hearts shine and make us do extraordinary and wonderful things in life. We can also tell someone that they are a lovely person. This compliment makes people happy, as they realize how much we love and adore them.


8. Angelic


This word is used only when you are charmed by the delicate and magical beauty of a bride. Moreover, kids can look angelic. People wearing casual or club style clothes cannot look angelic, so keep this compliment for the most special occasion.


9. Fetching


Sometimes when people try to impress someone, they pay great attention to what others find appealing and dress accordingly. If we say that they are very attractive, it will sound quite banal. We can find their personality fetching and make them smile and feel more confident.


10. Sensuous


When you find a woman extremely fascinating and feminine, be more creative in your compliments. You may sound more greatly, if you say ‘sensuous.’ This word has a very special and deep meaning.


11. Striking


If someone appears and draws everyone’s attention with their new style, you may express your amazement by telling them about their striking look. Striking means extreme or unusual in a way that attracts a lot of attention.

Giving or receiving compliments is a wonderful and positive thing. Just try to make this world happier by telling each other warm and wondrous words. It seems everyone likes to be praised, especially if we hear pleasant phrases from our beloved people. Compliments make us more self-confident and joyous, especially if they are said in a suitable moment. What compliments do you find the most wonderful?


Words to Use in Your Compliments