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Start a Happy Day

For me, morning is the most difficult and unpleasant part of the day, cause I must wake up so early. But I should admit that recently it has become much easier for me as I’ve found out some excellent ways to start a happy day. Certainly, for the most of people waking up in the morning can be a great […]

Benefits of Being Single during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching fast and you are still single and perhaps desperate. Did you not know that there are a few wonderful benefits of being single during the holiday season? This year, embrace your independence and stop moping about not having a partner since being single has plenty of benefits. Sure, you cannot snuggle with your significant other […]

Work Out at Home

When going to the gym each day is stressful for you, try these tips for exercising at home and get rid of that tension! Usually, I combine my workouts, visiting the gym several days a week and then exercise from home the rest of the week. It doesn’t matter why you prefer to work out at home: either you have […]

Ways to Be Happier Today

Do you know that there are hundreds of ways to feel happier when you are sad? All people have such days, and bad mood can be sometimes connected with the cold weather. In order to stay cheerful, look through a couple of these easy ways to be always happy!

Skincare Routines to Follow When You Are in Your 20s

When you are in your 20s, it’s important to follow the right skincare routines. If you don’t follow any skincare routine, you have to do some research and find the best skincare routines for you. But if you read Amerikanki, you may relax because we do the research for you! I’ve found some of the best skincare routines to follow […]

Making More Use of Your Precious Time

Do you find yourself losing your precious minutes during your day because of bad time management? Looking for some ways to make more use of your time? Sometimes the day just seems to get away from you before you can even bat an eye, and it seems that you don’t have time to accomplish some important tasks. You can avoid […]

Obtain a More Flexible Work Schedule

If you feel overwhelmed when you are at work because you have plenty of tasks to accomplish and there are a lot of things about your work that make you feel anxious, then you need to learn several ways to obtain a more flexible work schedule. Don’t think that these ways will cause you many problems with your colleagues or […]

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

The summer is over, the Nature slowly falls to sleep and we all become a little passive in these cold autumn days. There are numerous ways for you not to hibernate but keep healthy lifestyle and stay active. Wrapping in a warm soft blanket and enjoying delicious fall foods while it is raining outside is very tempting. But we need […]

Getting Ready for Class Faster

Getting ready for class is the most widespread problem among all students. To get something more or less decent for a class one should spend hours in the library, have a sleepless night to put the information in order. The next morning you can hardly get up and you oversleep. Getting ready in the morning seems to be very challenging. […]

Things Women Should Stop Doing

It isn’t a new fact that often we’re our own worst enemies and we harm ourselves and our hard work, that’s why I think you should know what are the most important things women must stop doing right now. I know, some of these things are easier said than done, but if you realize what those things you should stop […]

Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

If you are a busy mom and you’re trying to get back in shape, you might be looking for fitness tips that actually work. After diaper changing, broken sleep, meals cooked, and a day of housecleaning, exercise may be the last thing on your mind. However, you should prioritize your health. So take a look at some helpful fitness tips […]

Get Ahead at Work

Many of us don’t like to stay in the same job and do the same thing for years, getting on by with a small salary increase. However, there are people who hate their job or who are just too lazy or indifferent to worry about getting ahead. In fact, it’s important to find opportunities to move up the workplace ladder […]

Combining Study and Work

Combining study and work can be very hard and exhausting. However, it can be done. Nowadays many people work full-time while studying in their spare time, or study full-time while working in their spare time. Some of them even have families! If you are looking for some useful tips for combining study and work without exhausting yourself, keep reading…

Jumpstart Your Day

Jumpstart Your Day : When your life gets a little hard, you find yourself looking for easy and effective ways to jumpstart your day. Maybe you’re that college student pulling all-nighters. Or, maybe you are a mom on-the-go or you are not a morning person. Here are a few easy ways to jumpstart your day.

Living Stress Free

Living in a big city can be stressful, especially if you come from small town or village. However, I’ve got some essential tips for living stress-free in the city and I recommend them to all people living in a big city. If you follow these tips, you will enjoy your every life without the hassles and stress of the big […]