Take Charge Of Your Life

Sometime when we see that things don’t happen the way we want them to, we name it destiny. This is how we people deal with failure; to console ourselves. Whatever situations we are living in, to be human means that we can mould situations the way we want them. But today, most people in the world are moulded by the situations in which they exist in reaction to the situations they are placed in. So their question will be, “why was I placed in such a situation? Is it my bad luck, is it my destiny?” In course of time, we have acquired certain tendencies depending upon the type of impressions we gathered. This can be changed. Irrespective of our current tendencies, our past experience of life, our genetics, irrespective of who our parents were, where we were born, where we grew up, if we do certain things with ourselves, it is sure that we can change this. We can completely rewire ourselves in 24 hours time.

A century ago, many things that people believed to be destiny of God’s will, like diseases, infections and death are today in our hands because we have taken charge of certain things. What we call technology today is just this: Within the laws of nature, everything on the outside that can be taken charge of, we will take charge of someday.

Everything that this life is, is naturally happening to a certain law. If we come to know what the nature of life within us is, we can completely take charge of the way it happens. Then we would not let any unpleasantness happen to us?

Unhappiness is happening to us in the form of anger, fear, anxiety and stress because our basic faculties – our body, mind, emotions and our life energies – are doing their own thing as if they don’t belong to us.

It doesn’t matter who we are. Life doesn’t work for us unless we do the right things. Good, bad, all essentially human and socially conditioned. Every society has its own idea of what is good and bad, but existence is treating all of us equally. We should not get disappointed with our failures. We can win again if we take over ourselves to the right direction. What is the right direction will have to be searched by deeply studying ourselves where we committed fault. Then, we may carry on corrective action in our future attempts.

If we wish to be happy really, we will have to take charge of our life.