Talk Well With Anyone (Part 6)

Ever, have you got an opportunity to speak with some famous person all of sudden? How did you feel on such meeting? Your heart-beat can be abnormal then or you can take it smoothly. It depends upon the level of your confidence. There can be some difference in the level also if you are meeting one to one or you are meeting in a crowd.
It can be very nerve-wracking for most people to go up to a celebrity and speak with them. I feel if you consider the following you may perhaps be able to take care:
1. You may keep the realization alive that the person who is the object of your desire is also human, just as you are. They also suffer from the same kinds of emotional upheavals as we do. Probably they want someone to talk to as well. When you think this way, approaching them for a conversation becomes much easier.
2. You must also remember that celebrities love talking. Given half a chance, and if nothing is not occupying their mind currently, they will start talking with you.
3. You begin the conversation by walking up to them, keeping very cool about yourself. Don’t get hyper-excited; most celebrities love this cool approach. It gives them a welcome respite from the screaming and screeching fans that they are usually surrounded with.
4. Open the conversation by mentioning some of the work they have done and what you have liked. Celebrities always like to hear their praise! But be frank, if you want to hear some good words in return. Most celebrities will be able to tell when they are being put on.
5. Ask for an autograph right away. You will probably get one.
6. If you have to deal with a famous person for a longer time such as officially accompany them for an event, even then these rules will apply. The ice-breaker will always be talk about some work they have done. Then you could move on to talking more specific things relating to the event you are both sharing.
Most importantly, remember that celebrities won’t bite your head off and they won’t call security on you all the time as they show in the movies. Even they are interested in what their audience has to say about them and hence they will lend you a good ear. You will be happy to have talked with a celebrity!
Be Happy – Talk Well With Anyone.