Talk Well With Anyone (Part 7)

We all wish to become leader in some area. Perhaps none of us may ever like to become follower of someone – it is the human psyche. But for becoming a leader, you need to have good communication skills. If you are not able to communicate your programs, your wishes, your targets, you can not get them accomplished through your team. You cannot be a leader without being a good communicator first.
How Communication Helps To A Leader.
Leadership is of two kinds – the first is an inborn quality while the other is when it is thrust upon you. But in either case, if you want to stay on top as a leader, it is very important to learn how to communicate with people. It is only when you talk with them can you get to know their ideas, which can help you immensely in forming your own opinions, and also tell them your decisions and plans. If you, as a leader, are afraid to speak with the people whom you lead, you will not survive for long in that position. And that is true whether you are the leader of a dozen people or a hundred thousand people.
You need communication skills to stamp your importance.
1. As in all other forms of communication, you have to have one thing – confidence. You have to be confident that you can lead these people. When you are confident, you speak straight. You don’t slur. You don’t repeat things. You don’t mince words. People take you as a straightforward speaker and that helps. Lack of confidence comes across very poorly in communication.
People don’t like speaking with people who don’t know what they are trying to say. It is all right even if you have to mentally rehearse what you will say before the occasion. It helps you stay focused on what you have to say. Don’t speak too hastily or too slowly. Speak confidently. If you are confident about yourself as a person, you will find that your speech automatically improves.
2. Be sure of what you will be telling. If you are sure about that, you won’t find it difficult to tell them what you have to.
3. When you have to announce something, it’s not a very good idea to blurt it out right away. Keep at least one or two sentences of introduction to what you are saying. This will make your audience attentive and it will also help you focus on the main topic that you are going to talk about.
4. Keep things interactive. Allow questions and answers. When people talk, the pressure of keeping talking alone isn’t on you. You can even take a moment’s breather from time to time to collect yourself. Listening to others gives you a great break in the conversation where you can reflect on what you have to say further. But, more importantly, it helps you strike a better chord with the others because they feel that you are sensitive to them. Just going on blabbing about yourself doesn’t help you much.
5. Conversations become successful only when you are able to hold the listener’s interest. You might be speaking with ten different people every day. Do you think the same things interest all ten of them? If you can understand what people like and then talk in related realms, it really helps. To be able to do this, you will also need a good memory. You will need to remember what different people like and speak with them accordingly. But it will all pay off in the end.
6. Be friendly with your team. You may think being too friendly is nonproductive, but it actually works. When you are friendly with your team, you aren’t intimidated about speaking with them.
Once you have spoken your first few words, you will find that the speaking process itself isn’t so difficult anymore – you will find that speaking is a really beautiful thing. It is educational, it is entertaining and it brings you closer to people. But you have to start speaking for all of that to happen. You now know how you can begin doing that, whether it is for a date or an autograph. Or, speaking on stage in front of a thousand people!
You need to understand that since maintaining a leadership is a continuous process it pegs on various factors; speaking is just one part of it. You must continue to learn how to talk well with anyone.
Be Happy – Talk Well With Anyone.