The 9 Most Exciting Beauty Products to Try in 2019

The 9 Most Exciting Beauty Products to Try in 2019
The 9 Most Exciting Beauty Products to Try in 2019

The 9 Most Exciting Beauty Products to Try in 2019 : Nowadays, everyone wants to appear beautiful and, attractive. This is why many beauty based brands have experienced a revamp of their market in this century. Indeed, it is hard to ignore the temptation of trying out new beauty products in the market. Here are the nine most exciting beauty products to try in 2019.

  1. Herbal Shampoo Devoid of Sulfates

    If you have color-treated hair as well as well as non-treated hair, this herbal shampoo made out of birch-bark sup is all that you need. This shampoo is devoid of silicones and sulfates. When you use it, your strands will be cleaned smoothly. This will make them dazzling.

  2. Liquid Castile Soap

    Liquid Castile soaps’ importance in the beauty industry cannot be gainsaid.  Made out of olive oil, it does not have any side effects on the user. It has been tested and proven over time. Liquid castile soap will clean your skin thoroughly.

    Liquid castile soap is biodegradable. This reduces pollution. You only need to dilute it properly before use. It is gentle and safe.

    Furthermore, liquid castile soap is multipurpose. It is used for facewash, deodorant, body wash and, shampoo among others. Liquid castile soap is readily available and affordable.

  3. Biore Whipped Detox Mask

    The Biore whipped detox mask will eliminate all your skin impurities. It also helps to remove dead skin debris in your body. This will make your skin radiant. Detox is made up of charcoal ingredients. These ingredients are harmless to your natural complexion.

  4. Olay Eye Cream

    Olay eyes radiating cream is all that you need to eliminate sleep bags on your eyes. This eye cream brightens your eyes and smoothens them. This, in turn, assists you to conceal the fact that you had either little or no sleep. Olay eye cream is the best eye brightening eye cream in the market. This eye cream will assist you in hustling for more extended hours gracefully.

  5. Coconut Curls Revival Oil

    Coconut curls revival custard made oil is all that you need to assist your curls in lasting longer. It refreshes, hydrates and softens your dry and shrunken curls. Coconut curls revival oil will also rejuvenate your curls. It thus makes them look newer, natural and moist. Coconut curls revival oil is the best ingredient that your curls need to stay bright and not gay.

  6. Sally Hansen Spray

    Sally Hansen spray nail base coat is the best nail base-coat in the market this year. As highlighted by Style Caster, it ensures that no stray polish sticks on your nail base.  This product will assist you in eliminating unwanted zebra lines on your nails. It will also help you to remove unwarranted stains on your beautiful nails. This product will leave your nails thoroughly polished and finished.

  7. Pixi Tonic

    If wrinkles are catching up with you, then you should probably buy Pixi tonic. Pixi tonic will make you look younger.  It is the best retinol skin rejuvenating beauty product that you need this year.

    This product is gentle. It can be applied to the skin in the morning hours as well as in the evening hours when going to sleep. It will keep your beautiful skin moist and rejuvenated all day long and all night long. Pixi tonic is arguably the best anti-aging product in the market this year.

  8. NYX Powder Lip Cream

    This is a lip cream made up of powder. NYX powder lip cream will make your lips smoother. This lip cream dries without being sticky. With this lip cream, you will not be required to wash it off before grabbing a snack.  NYX powder lip cream dries within no time. It leaves your lips to be smooth the whole day long.

  9. Maybelline Super Powder Foundation

    Maybelline Super Powder foundation is the best skin foundation that you need this year. It stays on your skin the entire day long. As reported by Allure, you don’t need touch ups at all.

    Maybelline super powder foundation is affordable. Applying it too is easy. Also, the foundation saves you a lot of time as a one-time application is enough.



Your beauty is dependent upon the beauty products you use. If you use unhealthy beauty products, you may ruin your naturally beautiful body completely. It’s always advisable to use efficient, affordable, eco-friendly and time-saving beauty products.

These beauty products possess these characteristics. They are a must buy for you this year! These products have been tested and proved by many famous celebrities such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj among others. All of these celebs have given these products a reckoning nod this year. You can find them either at an online store or at your local beauty shops.







The 9 Most Exciting Beauty Products to Try in 2019

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