The Benefits Of A Hand Massage And How To Do It Yourself

The Benefits Of A Hand Massage And How To Do It Yourself
The Benefits Of A Hand Massage And How To Do It Yourself

Improved range of motion and flexible fingers are some of the benefits of hand massage. It is an easy massage that you can perform on yourself easily.

The significant health benefits you will receive by having a hand massage are countless. When your hand is experiencing pain and poor motion, you need to have it checked. Pain medication may help ease the pain, but a hand massage performs way better.

Hand massage benefits can only be experienced if you decide to seek professional help or practice doing self-massage. This works well to eliminate the pain associated with a lot of muscle and joints conditions. A hand massage points at specific muscles working on them to stimulate nerve endings.

The Benefits of a Hand Massage

Hand massage is an old treatment that focuses on the joints of the hands to alleviate pain. This massage has proved to be trusted because the results are visible. A hand massager offers simple treatment causing instant tension and pain relief.

Let us have a look at some of the benefits of hand massage;

  • Improves range of motion

    When your hand is in pain, it may lead to mobility challenges. This means that your hand will not be flexible to perform its usual tasks. With a hand massage, you end up focusing on tight hand muscles that cause pain. Once these muscles are loosened, your hand will begin responding as it ought to. Hand massage also eliminates the trigger finger that prevents you from moving the tendon tasked with opening and closing your finger.

  • Reduced pain

    Chronic hand pain can be reduced by having regular hand massage. This also works remarkably well to ensure outstanding grip strength. The pain-reducing effects linked to having regular wrist and hand massage should be enough reason to persuade you to indulge in this technique. Consider giving yourself a hand massage to decrease pain, making you perform better because you are in a pain-free state.

  • Improved blood circulation

    This is among the outstanding benefits of hand massage therapy because it works by stimulating blood circulating in your hand. Some conditions that affect your hand are caused by poor blood circulation. If you start experiencing painful fingers, know blood is not flowing correctly in your fingers. Change this state by having regular hand massage to improve blood circulation in your hand, especially after an injury. This causes speedy healing of injured tissues and strained muscles.

  • Quality of sleep

    An excellent hand massage will not only make you enjoy quality sleep but also ensures your sleeping pattern improves. Your body will be fully relaxed once you have a hand massage making you sleep better. Remember that when your hand suffers, every other part of your body suffers too, making you stressed out.  Change this narrative by having a hand massage to guarantee you of a good night’s sleep.

  • Better strength

    Your hands are vital parts of your body because you should take good care of them to make sure they are healthy. Your hands are of no use if they are not in a good state. Keep them strong by having regular wrist and hand massage, making you use your hands effectively. That is the only way to ensure that they are strong enough to pick things up with ease anytime you want. If your hands are strong, your entire body is strong as well.

How to do hand massage yourself

You don’t have to involve the services of an expensive massage therapist to give you a hand massage when you can do it yourself. The technique is simple and easy to grasp, meaning you don’t require any skills to give yourself a hand massage.

Here is how to give yourself a hand massage: –

Step 1: Sit comfortably and relax your hand. Take one hand and position it on your table so that the other hand is free to perform the massage. Apply moderate pressure when doing the massage strokes.

Step 2: Stoke your forearm by using your palm to stroke the wrist all the way to the elbow. Do this on both sides as you extend the stroke towards your shoulder. Note that you are doing this to warm up your muscles.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to stroke both sides of your arms using your palm right from your wrist all the way to your fingertips. Do this three times or four.

Step 4: Use your thumb underneath to cup your hand around your forearm then follow by pinching your skin from the wrist up to the elbow and vice versa. Please do this at least three times as you focus on both sides of the forearm but without exerting high pressure.

Step 5: Press in a circular motion on your hand using both your thumb and forefinger. All your fingers should be incorporated for excellent results. Use moderate pressure and repeat the motion at least three times.

Step 6: At this step, exert a bit of pressure at the back of your hand in a circular motion using your thumb. Do this also on your palm as you use both sides of your fingers to put pressure.

Step 7: To wrap up, place some pressure over the pads, palms, and the back of your hand in a circular motion. Do this as you work down your wrist finishing your hand massage session.


Hand and wrist pain causes a lot of discomfort and can make you not function properly. That is why you need to have a hand massage that works efficiently to eliminate pain. You will end up having better productivity when you are free from pain.

At the end of the day, you need both of your hands in their proper state. This is one of the benefits of hand massage that you cannot be proud of if your hands are in pain. Spare some time to have a hand massage to improve the overall state of your hands.







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The Benefits Of A Hand Massage And How To Do It Yourself

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