The Best HVAC Companies in Your Area

The Best HVAC Companies in Your Area : Maintaining your home is a priority. When the summer is hot, keeping your air conditioning system working is important. And losing your heater during the cold winter is a big problem. Repair on an HVAC is quite complex. This is usually not a do-it-yourself project. It is best to hire a contractor with the skills to work on it.

Finding the right HVAC contractor is a daunting task but can be simplified by using a third-party company. For instance, get free HVAC quotes at

Where To Find HVAC Contractors

Online Search/ Assess Websites

Most people start their search for a contractor online. A search for local HVAC contractors and for AC repair in Oakdale, MN will bring up a huge list. So, one way to filter through these is to assess their websites. A company that has invested in a professional webpage is more likely to invest in professional employees and quality work.

Word of Mouth/ Referrals/ Community

People still tend to trust word of mouth when looking for a reliable contractor. Ask friends and neighbors for referrals. They can refer to a contractor that did a great job in their home. Also, research online community forums and social media for quality HVAC companies and contractors. Check out review sites, like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Read the positive and negative comments about the contractors in your area. Remember, even the best contractors may have one bad review.

HVAC Manufacturers Websites

Another online tool to help in your search is to look up HVAC manufacturers. Many times, on their websites, the manufacturers of the HVAC systems will recommend contractors. Usually, these contractors are specially trained on their equipment. Because of their connection to the manufacturer, they have reliable technical support if they run into a problem. Sometimes, the manufacturer provides contractors with classes and additional training to ensure quality work.

How to Choose the Best HVAC Contractor

On the internet, your search engine will bring up many choices in your surrounding area. But once you see this list, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to choose. It takes quite a bit of work to vet each company and you may not even know the right questions to ask. Having an experienced company doing that work for you, may be the best route to go.

Quality of Workmanship

Choose a contractor who has years of experience working on heating systems and cooling systems. There are different types of HVAC systems. Four types are split systems, hybrid systems, duct free systems, and packaged heating and air systems. It is likely that a company with years of experience will know more about the system you have in your home.

Furthermore, a contractor who knows the proper mechanical codes in your area ensures quality work. It will cost you time and money if the end product does not pass inspection or work properly.

Proper Insurance/ Liability Protection

Improper installation of equipment and systems can cause serious damage and loss. Check to see if the contractors are bonded for accidents and have liability protection. And one sign of a reliable and protected company, is if it offers workman’s compensation to employees when injured.

Cost/ Financial Options

We know that a job done right saves us money on energy costs. Plus, it saves us from having to hire someone else to do the job again when done incorrectly. But, cost is a deciding factor. It is a good rule of thumb to never choose the cheapest price out there. This could cost you in the long run in more ways than one. Look for a company that is reasonably priced. Also, look for a company that offers options for financing or a payment plan.

Reputable Organizations

There are several organizations for professionals in the heating and cooling industry. SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioner Contractors’ National Association), AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, and ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) are a few reputable organizations in the industry. Typically, contractors that are members of these will be better qualified to do quality work on your HVAC.

Have On-Call Service for Emergencies

After your HVAC is repaired or installed, you want to be able to contact someone if your system fails. Therefore, choose a contractor that offers an on-call service for emergencies. But, be sure to check if they charge higher rates due to this service.

Choosing Made Simple

These tips will help you hire the best HVAC company to meet your needs. However, doing all this research takes time. Vetting a contractor is complex and daunting. Think about using a company like, They can provide you with quality contractors in your area. It is free and helpful. So, you have nothing to use, except a few headaches.





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The Best HVAC Companies in Your Area

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