The Correct Way to Moisturize Your Face

The Correct Way to Moisturize Your Face : Moisturizing is a crucial step of any skincare routine. When a face is properly moisturized, it appears smoother and healthier. People may think that moisturizing means applying the cream after cleansing the face. But there’s much more than that! Here’s the correct way to moisturize your face, which will help you achieve a beautiful and glowing visage.

  1. Recognize your skin type

    Identify if you have normal, dry, sensitive, or combination skin and use skincare beauty products according to your skin type. People with normal skin should use products made for this skin type as they rarely have acne or sensitivity issues.

    People with dry skin may notice dry patches on their faces. Also, their skin would appear dull and dark if not moisturized properly. They must use hydrating skincare products; otherwise, they may experience premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

    Those with oily skin have shiny faces, and their pores are clearly visible. They should use products that are specially made for oily skin because such products will help control oil production.

    Combination skin can be normal, dry, or oily in T-zone. So people with this skin type have to choose the products accordingly.

  2. Wash your face with a hydrating cleanser

    Those with dry skin should opt for a hydrating cleanser as it will not leave the skin dry. Also, they should avoid washing their face too often. If you have dry skin, use a gentle micellar cleanser to nourish and provide moisture to your skin.

    If you are someone with oily skin, then you must wash your face two times daily. Always remember not to over-wash as it will dry the skin, and then the skin may produce more oil. Using a good cleanser made for a particular skin type is essential to protect the skin’s moisture.

  3. Use a moisturizer on a slightly damp skin

    After washing your face, people usually wait for a few minutes to let their face get dry. This is the mistake that people make. You should apply a hydrating moisturizer when your skin is still damp as it helps the skin absorbs the moisturizer quickly. By doing so, you will also be helping your skin as it will lock in hydration, which will result in glowing skin.

    You can also use a facial mist as your go-to moisturizer if you have normal to dry skin. Moreover, you can use it prior to applying a moisturizer. A facial mist will offer your skin an extra dose of moisture.

  4. Apply sunscreen daily

    After using a moisturizer on your face, you have to apply hydrating sunscreen. Choose broad-spectrum sunscreen as it protects from UVA and UVB rays which are harmful to the skin. Not using sunscreen will damage your face and may cause sunburn. This will further lead to dark spots, pigmentation, and tanning.

    Pick a sunscreen that not only protects you from ultraviolet rays but can also provide moisture to your skin. The layer of moisturizer and sunscreen acts as a double booster that offers ultimate skin hydration. Always remember to go for a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

  5. Exfoliate and apply a facial mask once in a while

    Exfoliating or scrubbing your skin once in a while is also essential as it helps get rid of dead skin cells and offers radiance and life to the skin. It even helps in making your skin feel better because, after exfoliation, your skin will be able to absorb skincare products more effectively. Make sure not to over-exfoliate as it will dry out your skin.

    Also, you should consider using facial masks once a week. Facial masks offer nourishment to the skin and help promote a healthy look. In fact, they add more hydration and even reduce signs of aging. Apart from these, face masks provide glow to the skin and are great for every skin type.

  6. Use a night cream

    A night skincare regimen is also vital because at night, your skin tends to get in the repair mode. So, this is the time when you should help your skin restore nourishment. The hydration levels of the skin decline during the night, and that is why it becomes important to moisturize your skin with a night cream.

    Night creams are different from day creams. That said, you must use a top-quality night cream that contains retinol and peptides, as these ingredients accelerate the skin repairing process at night. Make sure you cleanse your face first and then apply a night moisturizer.


Your skin needs nourishment so that it can stay hydrated all day. Follow these steps of moisturizing your face to reap maximum benefits. The benefits are- getting glowing and youthful skin as you will be giving a correct dose of moisturization to your skin.




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The Correct Way to Moisturize Your Face

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