The Importance Of Location for Business Success

The Importance Of Location for Business Success : Any one of Australia’s wealthy cities provides residents and tourist a feast of the type of diversity that drives industry. With cafes, restaurants, and entertainment from around the world, Melbourne and Sydney offer the world the chance to taste from this diverse terrain. Even in the city where opportunity abounds, though, location is integral to the success of any business, especially businesses centred on technology, manufacturing, and finance.

The start-up scene understands this and so do SMEs in that both have seen the value of cutting costs by leasing premium office spaces in the best buildings in some of Australia’s most illustrious cities. Serviced office providers have given smaller businesses the chance to cash in on location by making office space affordable and inadvertently making resources more accessible to these businesses. While some might dismiss location as an important feature in office space, there are so many reasons as to why location is extremely important.

Let’s take a closer look at just some of the resons that your office location is so critical in the future success of your business.

Community Character

The character of the community is an important part of your office’s location. While you can essentially run a business from any small room, the location of your business is impacted by the character of the community in which it sits. If your business sits in the middle of a major financial centre, then the businesses around it will reflect this corporate attitude. Alternatively, if your business is in the middle of a quaint, trendy village, expect to see businesses that cater to artists and other creative types. The point is your office can carve out its brand’s image by simply existing in a community with character.

Competition Or Lack Thereof

Another important aspect of location is related to the amount of competition that is in the area. Not that competition is a negative, but ideally you want the businesses in your area to complement your establishment. They can be a source of more foot traffic for your business, and if fortunate enough, you might find yourself collaborating with businesses in the area to raise your profile.

Access By The Public

In the urban centres, businesses that are accessible by the public at-large get the benefit of foot traffic and feeder traffic from other businesses. In highly accessible areas, parking and public transportation make for ease of getting into your business and out of the area. For businesses that exist near malls and transit stops, they get the benefit of the amount of foot traffic that is generated from these sources.

Room To Grow

Office space that has a lot of versatility is also important when looking for a location to lease. Spaces that allow for your business to grow without having to grow into the surrounding offices are also places to consider when searching for office space. Fortunately for professionals in many of the country’s cities, the serviced office industry has made scalability a part of their menu of office space for lease, making moving and expanding easy.

Age Of The Community

One final important factor in deciding whether a location is good for your business is the age of the buildings in the community. This is significant because older buildings, while quaint, might not be retrofitted with the latest technologies. Depending on your industry, this would require installing technology at an added cost to be compatible with other businesses in your profession.

Finding Your Place In The Community

Serviced office providers have reduced the work in finding space in a suitable location in that many of these offices are in prestigious areas. Those looking to lease space on their own, however, have to consider many factors when shopping for space, especially in the city when the character of the community depends on the area. Ultimately, once a business has found its community it definitely is in the right place.


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The Importance Of Location for Business Success

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