The Importance of Preventative Dental Services

The Importance of Preventative Dental Services
The Importance of Preventative Dental Services

The Importance of Preventative Dental Services : You might be surprised to hear just how prevalent many oral health conditions are, and quite a few of those complications can turn your life upside down. When left untreated, some of the most common oral health problems will lead to infections, tooth damage, and other issues that must be avoided at all costs.

Luckily, preventative dental services are more effective than ever, and a handful of treatments every year will greatly reduce your risk of unnecessary damage to your teeth and gums. Scheduling regular checkups with the best dentist in Riverside is one of the best things that you can do for your smile.

How Often Should I Schedule Dental Appointments?

Determining how often you should visit the dentist is somewhat personal, but there are a few general guidelines that you might want to follow. In most cases, relatively healthy adults should schedule at least two dental checkups every year. During those routine checkups, Dr. Chad Tomazin will be able to thoroughly examine your entire mouth to ensure that you haven’t developed gum disease, tooth decay, or any other common oral health problems. He might also carry out some routine treatments, such as deep cleaning the teeth. If you develop any issues with your teeth or gums, then your dentist might suggest additional follow-up appointments once every few months.

Getting To Know Your Dental Professionals

Caring for your teeth is vital to maintaining good health and wellness. In spite of having no dental and oral issues, you should practice proper dental care and maintenance to prevent potential oral and dental problems in the future. At first glance, many people are scared of going to the dentist due to various reasons, such as dental anxiety, lack of funds, and lack of awareness.

The first step to having your teeth cared for professionally is getting to know your dentist. Who should you go to in the event of a dental emergency? What services do you get when you experience a toothache? Are all dentists certified to install braces on your teeth?

For essential services such as routine dental exams and tooth cleaning, a general dentist should be your go-to professional. Depending on your location, it’s best to seek local dental services from a dentist in Vermont or wherever is convenient for you. Your general dentist should have a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree.

For any other dental services that your general dentist can’t provide, they should refer you to another professional with the right specialization. For instance, an orthodontist focuses on improving your teeth and jaw alignment using dental devices like braces and retainers. Meanwhile, for more severe conditions like gum disease, a periodontist will help in repair and treatment.

Basic Preventative Services

There are a few basic preventative dental services that almost everyone is going to benefit from. When you schedule a checkup with the best dentist in Riverside, they might suggest root planing and scaling if you have quite a bit of bacteria on your teeth. Those two simple services are going to eradicate pockets of debris that harmful bacteria feed on. To check your smile for any signs of additional damage, laser cavity detection might be used. That non-radiation treatment allows Dr. Chad Tomazin to catch the early warning signs of tooth decay before the damage is visible to the naked eye.

Ozone Therapy

In addition to deep cleaning the teeth, you might also need to clear away some of the germs that are on your gums. Ozone periodontal therapy has become very popular in recent years, and that advanced treatment will quickly and safely destroy bacteria colonies throughout the mouth. That type of therapy can usually be completed in no more than a few minutes, and studies continue to reveal that it is highly effective. When combined with some of these other preventative services, it will greatly reduce your risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay.

What You Can Do At Home

Meeting with your dentist is going to be very important, but your hygiene habits at home will be your first line of defense against oral health complications. At the very least, you must continue to brush, floss, and use mouthwash multiple times a day. Those few simple habits are going to clear away the debris that harmful germs are going to feed on. You might also want to consider investing in an electric toothbrush. Those devices are more affordable than ever, and they are one of the most effective tools for removing biofilm from your teeth and gums.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is going to take a little bit of work, but that effort will pay off in the long run. With impeccable hygiene habits at home and a few dental checkups a year, you should be able to avoid many of the most pervasive oral health complications.







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The Importance of Preventative Dental Services

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