How to Kickstart Wedding Planning for 2021

How to Kickstart Wedding Planning for 2021

How to Kickstart Wedding Planning for 2021 :

“Will you marry me?”


That simple question has started so many wonderful journeys for couples around the world. Getting married is a lifelong commitment to your love and to each other. It’s a beautiful step that so many people spend their whole life dreaming about.

And while the act of marriage is a beautiful thing, the wedding itself is possibly the most important part. This once-in-a-lifetime celebration needs to be a perfect display of your love and the life you’re building with your partner. Let’s get to planning!

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you’ve got wedding planning on the brain. You’re excited to jump in and find the perfect venue, dress, guest list, and decorations. There’s just so much to do! It can seem overwhelming at first, but if you break down your list into manageable pieces, you’ll be more than capable of creating that perfect day that you and all your guests will remember for years to come. Just remember after the craziness of 2020, a 2021 wedding may have a few extra hoops to jump through that you should prepare for. Here are just a few tips and tricks to consider as you jumpstart the wedding planning of your big day in 2021.

What’s a wedding without the perfect rings?

Picking out the perfect wedding ring
Picking out the perfect wedding ring

Obviously, the two of you as a couple are the star of the show, but there’s another element that needs to take center stage: the rings. If you need help picking out the perfect ring, find a company that will treat you like family and that takes the time to get to know your needs as a couple. Experts who sell diamond engagement rings northern virginia will give you a great experience with excellent customer service. Trust professionals like your jewelers who can help you with custom design elements and beautiful jewelry. Once the proposal is over, you aren’t done with your ring needs. You still need to consider which wedding bands you want for the big day. This part should be fun, though, finding a high-quality ring to wear for the rest of your life. Enjoy searching for the perfect wedding band that will serve as a symbol of your love forever.

Book the church.

The first step to planning a wedding is being sure you have a place to host a great service. Most ceremonies take place within a church. Find a location you feel comfortable in that will be beautiful for your big day. The message and your relationship with the pastor or priest should be the first priority. Make sure you’re consulting with a spiritual leader who is supportive of your union.

Also, take the time to ask how the church will be decorated for your big day. See if you have some say in altar candles or the set up of the alter. Even though it’s the house of the Lord, you still get some say in the decorations. Of course, if you aren’t religious or don’t plan on that being a part of your big day, this may not be the tip for you.

Find a venue.

Find a wedding venue
Find a wedding venue

Whether you’re getting married at the church and having a reception elsewhere or doing it all together, your reception venue is incredibly important. You want a space that can cater to all of your needs and fit into your budget. Finding that perfect venue should be your first step. This will lock in your official wedding date and let you know what vendors come with the venue and what services you’ll have to hire on your own.

Decide on your aesthetic and how you want to decorate.

Different weddings can have completely different feels to them. Maybe you want a modern style or an antique wedding vibe. Knowing your aesthetic and how you want to decorate will inform almost all your other wedding decisions. You’ll also need to know how much energy and electrical help you’ll need for the big day. If you want twinkle lights all over the venue, you may need the craftsmanship of Tampa Electricians to make your vision a reality. You and your fiancè deserve full service of the highest quality to give you the perfect day. Invest in the technicians that can help make that happen.

Get your bride tribe and groom squad in order.

Planning a wedding is a big job, and you and your fiancè don’t have to do it alone. It’s time to put together your bridal party. Find your best guys and gals who have been with you through everything. You want them there to help you make those big wedding decisions and to stand beside you on your big day.

Deal with Covid implications, and make contingency plans.

Wedding in the time of Covid-19
Wedding in the time of Covid-19

Now, let’s deal with the elephant in the room, Covid-19. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many 2020 weddings had to be postponed or changed completely. With limitations on crowd sizes at indoor venues, you may need to adjust your guest list or initial vision to fit into these restrictions. There’s a chance your 2021 wedding could still involve guests in masks or a need for outdoor venues. You may even have guests that can only attend virtually as you host a more intimate gathering in-person. As hard as these decisions are, it’s important to make contingency plans that ensure the safety of you, your fiancè, and all your loved ones.

Stay on top of wedding trends.

Because of the changing circumstances throughout the world, wedding trends are adjusting as well. For example, buffets are declining in popularity, and receiving lines are seeming like a thing of the past. Research the trends, and see what may work well for your big day. Trends aren’t just there to tell you what’s popular or not; they can also inform you on ways to simplify your wedding.

Set a budget, and stick to it.

Planning your wedding is an exciting venture but also an incredibly expensive one. Be prepared to dole out some cash to make your dream day a reality. Before you even start looking at venues, dresses, and catering, you need to know your ultimate wedding budget. This will help you be able to enjoy the day without stressing about money. Also, do yourself a favor and only investigate things that are in your budget. You don’t want to fall in love with a venue, caterer, or photographer only to discover you can’t afford them. One thing you should consider if you are on a budget is wedding packages, they’re a great way to not only save money but also reduce the stress of organising the day. Additionally, you don’t have to skimp on quality, think Whitsundays elopement packages for an amazing beach wedding.

DIY decorations can save you a lot.

If you’re looking to do a wedding on a budget, you may be able to DIY a lot of your decorations. Making your own table numbers or wall hangings can help you save a lot on professional decorators. You can do quality work to decorate the sanctuary or venue on your own and save a lot of money doing it.

Have a general idea of the guest list.

How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding? This is the first question that you should have answer to. As you start planning your wedding, you need to know roughly how big you would like it to be. Creating your initial guest list will help you budget for space and money. You’ll also be able to decide if you want a big blowout wedding or a smaller intimate affair. While the day is all about you and your future spouse, it is also about all the people you want to celebrate with. Take the time to include them in your wedding decisions.


A wedding in these times might not go exactly as you always dreamed it would, but there are still plenty of ways to adapt and make it the happiest day of your life.






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How to Kickstart Wedding Planning for 2021

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