The Importance of Sharing Hobby with Your Kids

The Importance of Sharing Hobby with Your Kids : As they get older, kids begin to express interest in all things that you are doing. They want to go everywhere with you, do yoga, cook with you – generally they want to copy you in everything. Now, we agree, this can sometimes be annoying, and you might be feeling like you don’t have a second of alone time.

But, keep in mind that before you know it, they’ll grow up, develop interests of their own, and drift away from you.

You can try to see things from another angle, and instead of being frustrated for not having time, you can share your passions with your kids. If you Share a Hobby with kids, you will quickly realize that not only that, there is time for you to do what you like, but also it will be filled, which much more fun and joy. There are plenty of hobby ideas for the entire family to enjoy together. Besides, doing stuff this way will create stronger bonds and will be super beneficial for the physical, emotional, and mental development of your kids.

Children learn a lot through hobbies. However, while they are still little and can’t participate in many things, you can start teaching them various things if you purchase the best baby activity center.

How to Share a Hobby

By definition, hobby is an activity of choice that one does regularly not for pay or professionally but for personal enjoyment.  It can be anything, from collecting postal stamps to rock climbing as long as you feel satisfied doing it.

We grow up in a world without all these high tech gadgets kids have today. Not having PS 4, Android phones, and so on allowed us to be more creative and develop interests from exploring the world around us in various ways.  As much as technology is useful in many aspects, we think that it impacts on today’s youth isn’t the most significant advantage. Just think about it, we used to spend much more time outside, playing and communicating with other kids, and not just sitting home in front of a big screen, when not even the best picks from whole house humidifier reviews can benefit your kids’ health. Therefore, one way to encourage imagination and creativity or raise consciousness about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle is to search a hobby that all of you can do together.

Now, we will discuss some of the reasons why it is crucial to Share a Hobby with kids. If you have trouble figuring out how to find a hobby that everyone will enjoy, we strongly advise you to visit a hobby town.  There are so many toys and collectibles that we are sure you won’t have any problems getting ideas for family activities.


Mother and Daughter Share Their Passion for Cooking
Mother and Daughter Share Their Passion for Cooking

When you are looking for a hobby for kids, don’t impose what you think they’ll like because it won’t work. Please pay attention to see which of the things you are doing seem to interest them most and start from there.  If you are passionate about the music, they will likely be as well because they are exposed to it from day one.  Singing or playing music with you will do wonders for their self-esteem if you know how to include them properly.  If you know how to compose, you can create a song together.  Whatever the result, you will have a lot of fun, and the process will make you both as proud and happy as it gets.


There is something particularly beautiful in doing things with your children. When you are in a hobby zone, the relationship sort of changes – you are not just parents and kids anymore. You are becoming friends because you Share a Hobby. You participate equally in the same activity and share the passion for it. Indeed, in the beginning, at least you will have to teach a child about playing music, or kayaking, riding bike, painting, etc.  Don’t forget, however, that kids are by nature more creative than us, so there is a high chance that they’ll teach you at the same time. Spending time doing things that both of you like also builds trust because kids realize they can share ideas and communicate freely.

Learning New Things

Family Fishing
Family Fishing

The thing about children is that they can be as insensitive, cruel, and competitive as they are cute. Often, because of this, when starting new hobby kids can pressure themselves to be the best. If they don’t feel successful, they quickly lose interest. But when you Share a Hobby, you can show them that it’s okay to make mistakes and take time to learn things.  If you are dancing, a new move can be challenging, and you won’t understand it immediately. You will probably look ridiculous trying to figure out what to do, but your kid will realize that it’s not a big deal when you don’t succeed in something after the first attempt. They will also see that it is good to repeat things because the more you do it, the better you become.

Developing Social Skills

Even if it appears that some hobbies are a one-person activity, in reality, they are never like that. Take collecting stamps, for example. Indeed, you do it by yourself, but then you share your discoveries with others who share the interest, exchange stamps, join philately club, and so on. These are all things where you interact with others.  So you can be sure that whatever hobbies you share with your children, it will contribute to building their social skills later in life because they will find more people who like the same things.

Healthy Lifestyle

Because they are used to being indoors playing on their electronic gadgets and eating junk food, a lot of kids have a problem with obesity. Often PE classes aren’t interesting enough for kids to get involved in some sports. But if you like playing basketball or cycling, hiking, or anything else, you can decide to Share a Hobby with a child and make it fun and appealing.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why it is good to Share a Hobby with children.  These shared interests stay forever, so you can enjoy them together long after the kids become adults. Also, sometimes they teach their kids what you taught them. What kind of activities do you enjoy doing with your kids?



Betti Wilson is a child psychologist and a licensed therapist.  Her main interest is the social-emotional development of children and teenagers, and that is what she specialized in. She is very critical of conventional upbringing and encourages parents to think outside of the box.






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The Importance of Sharing Hobby with Your Kids

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