The Life Time Miami Marathon is a Runner’s Dream Race

The Life Time Miami Marathon is a Runner’s Dream Race : Marathoning in the winter sounds awful, right? The 26.2-mile event is grueling enough, and who could stand running outside for several hours in the cold and snow? Well, there’s a wintertime marathon coming up soon that’s not only bearable — it’s fun!

It only comes around once a year, and it is coming up fast. Join in with thousands of others to compete in or watch one of the best marathons of the year, happening on February 9, 2020.

The Miami Marathon is truly the dream for runners. You can either train to peak at this race or use it as a winter tune-up to stay in shape for spring race season. The 26.2-mile course is filled with views of the tropical paradise as you run past. The Miami 2020 Marathon looks to be another great race. You will experience the joy and happiness that comes from thousands of people lined up along the sides to cheer you and the thousands of other runners along the way.

About the Course

The course in Miami is definitely one to boast about. It is a single loop course. The bridges will remain closed during the race, so there are no hold-ups due to traffic, giving you a unique course through Miami. The marathon is run on a flat course with a very slight incline. During miles 8 through 11, the course is run on the Venetian Causeway and returns to the mainland Miami side. A short distance from there will be a drawbridge, not a high bridge, which will allow you to see the Miami River and the incredible view it gives the runners. The end of the race gives the runners a slight challenge. Here you cross another drawbridge, and your reward is the cheering and screams of the spectators cheering you on.

There will be entertainment and other features all along for not just the audience and cheering sections, but the racers also. Digital clocks are placed along different spots in the course to enable runners to keep their time in mind. Course markers, directional arrows, and extra nutrition stations will be placed along the course. The coordinators will ensure there is water to keep the runners hydrated along the way.

The views that spectators and runners will enjoy along the way are breathtaking. The ocean is off a short distance from the racecourse; however, the beauty is everywhere. This will be the marathon of a lifetime. The marathon and half marathon are both extremely popular events in Miami each year.

Planning Your Stay

If you’re traveling in from out of town, do not hesitate to book your reservations ASAP. The local Miami hotels fill up quickly. The Hyatt Regency Miami is one popular option that’s close to the race site. It also features all the amenities such as pool, fitness center, and restaurant that you’ll enjoy when you’re recovering from your race. The InterContinental Miami is another solid choice.  This luxury hotel offers visual stimulation and tons of pampering. It’s perfect for solo travelers and families alike.

No matter where you stay, if your hotel is situated in and around downtown Miami, you’ll have a tremendous time before and after the race. There’s so much to do and enjoy in this vibrant city, including a world-class food scene.

All runners receive some goodies for their participation. There will be shirts available, post-race foods and beverages to help get your stamina back. There will be available shuttles before and after the race. Pre-race shuttles begin running at 4 AM, and the post-race shuttles will run until 1 PM. Come to Miami early for the marathon, extend your stay for a great vacation.




The Life Time Miami Marathon is a Runner’s Dream Race

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